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Empty Spaces and the Art of Rebuilding

Summertime in Michigan means one thing: construction. Road construction, house remodels, landscaping ventures, and my favorite: building demolition. I was driving along a familiar route today and noticed that a hotel which has been around since I was very young is now completely demolished. 666 more words



A few days ago, my childhood best friend’s dad passed away.

When I first heard the news, I had no idea how to react. It was terrible news, of course, that much even I could perceive, but I didn’t truly feel anything. 843 more words



Cold, hard, metal.

That’s all anyone really sees me as now.

Just a nuisance

hanging in the corner as a grim reminder of what once was. 65 more words


I woke up today feeling empty, as if something’s lacking in my life. Despite being home and practically being surrounded by my family, I feel alone. 81 more words



pulling each strand after throwing my weight on the bed
the quality improves 

*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*. () *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*
the numbers grow yet i can’t get past 

the thoughts i have of everyone at 23:39  68 more words


***This was written on April 15, 2012***

Hello, Jesus. Thank You for another day.
If You have a moment, I have something I need to say… 262 more words

Bro. B.I.B.


I stayed home for the whole of three days which is the weekend and Monday. Catching up a list of dramas and movies. I even finished a book and started a new one yesterday. 99 more words