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Emptiness of Me

Almost forget to say “Happy Eid Mubarak” for all moslems in this world. Wish we will still feel the atmosphere of next ramadhan.
I feel so empty these days but gratefully my friends came to my home this morning. 79 more words



We were from the same high school but never really spoken to each other before. We were not even friends. He was one of those hot guys in senior classes and I was just a typical normal girl in junior class. 305 more words


Empty Spaces and the Art of Rebuilding

Summertime in Michigan means one thing: construction. Road construction, house remodels, landscaping ventures, and my favorite: building demolition. I was driving along a familiar route today and noticed that a hotel which has been around since I was very young is now completely demolished. 666 more words



A few days ago, my childhood best friend’s dad passed away.

When I first heard the news, I had no idea how to react. It was terrible news, of course, that much even I could perceive, but I didn’t truly feel anything. 843 more words



Cold, hard, metal.

That’s all anyone really sees me as now.

Just a nuisance

hanging in the corner as a grim reminder of what once was. 65 more words


I woke up today feeling empty, as if something’s lacking in my life. Despite being home and practically being surrounded by my family, I feel alone. 81 more words



pulling each strand after throwing my weight on the bed
the quality improves 

*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*. () *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*
the numbers grow yet i can’t get past 

the thoughts i have of everyone at 23:39  68 more words