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Pumping and yelling at me,

My chest pounds in a rhythmic fashion, trying

To keep the blood flowing with every heartbeat.

Going and going again. 72 more words



So you’re happy with the crumbs?

As you grow very thin

from existing on them

Remember to smile

your best make up can’t hide

the lack in your life… 31 more words


Three Places To Find Empty (2014)

1. Milk carton in fridge.
2. In that nest.
3. Downtown.
Created and done-
After building implosion.


"Dried out"

I still have them
And they’re weeping
On the papers that were due yesterday
Things I should know, but forgot
As watering the sand of our past… 106 more words

Dark Carnage of Morn

Day-break is hollow in uncertainty.
Woolen, grey, cap covers the head.
Sadness, worry dims my thoughts.
Tender, young, hearts broken, displaced.
Brilliant – misunderstood, abandoned. 28 more words



لا تعلق سعادتك على شيء من المُمكن أن تخسره في يوم ما..”
السعادة شيء لا يمكن ان تشتريه، السعادة شيء لا يمكن ان تتملكه
السعادة هو احساس يمكن ان تشعر به او لا ،


Quote for Today: Dara Horn

Days and hours and years are not time, but merely vessels for it, and too often they are empty. The world stands still, timeless and empty, until an act of generosity changes it in an instant and sends it soaring through arcs of rich seasons, moment after spinning moment of racing beauty. 25 more words

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