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The Longing

Sometimes I catch myself wrapping my hand around the passenger headrest in my car.

It’s not that anyone would be put off by it. I drive alone. 663 more words



Empty. That’s what I felt in the pit of my stomach. The sea of my soul. The cavern of my mind. Empty. I try to wrap my hands around my body trying to silence this aching noise or at least muffle it. 241 more words

Winner - 공허해 (Empty)

WINNER was known as Team A for awhile, and I was rooting for them during WIN Who Is Next. Along with others, I hated that YG even thought of this program because it’s cruel. 355 more words


Watch Now: Leilani Wolfgramm - "Empty"

Beautiful Leilani Wolfgramm sings for us today, posing and being perfect in the music video for “Empty”, third single from her album Rebel. The idea for that video could be a little more unique, but the song itself and Leilani’s vocals are just brilliant, and I’m okay with that.


Burnt Candle

I am filled with all my tears inside.

Empty ends of a falling sky.

Today is a day when something died.

I won’t love you. I won’t lie.


I feel like I've regressed into a 16 year old girl.

I am not sure what it is about me that is so easily replaceable.
I am not sure why I keep finding myself in this situation. 191 more words

Nothing In Particular