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I have nothing left
Bled bone dry in the exploration of a lie
How long did we spend
Caught listening to the transmission

I don’t mean to imply… 140 more words

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I am an empty shell.

I’ve been used, shut out, broken in two.

I am a gun, not loaded.  I am a bullet, no powder.  I am a computer, no code. 92 more words

No Wifi... No Connection...

Oii world,

I have some terrible news… Yesterday I tried posting something and right when I tried to post it, my internet connection… got disconnected…  61 more words

'Gotta get the bread and milk': Store shelves picked clean in New York, Boston, Philadelphia [photos]

East Coast grocery shelves emptied for #Snowmageddon2015 …looks like Venezuela. pic.twitter.com/O6hoWFscFW

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) January 26, 2015

@michellemalkin Very little snow in Venezuela, but plenty of Armageddon.

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Saying Goodbye and pushing through

There always comes a point at the end of a relationship, no matter how people want to be friends, that it doesn’t work out and they have to say goodbye. 372 more words




She curls up within herself

A protective stance

A survival technique

She’s tired, so tired

Giving always so completely

Throwing herself into the movement… 41 more words



He never saw it ending
all of his friends had it pegged
but he was bent on preventing
all the negativity that each friend of his had mentioned… 166 more words