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207 - EMS Call

6:40am – 22xx Ct Rt 7 – 55 male abdominal pain


Women in fire or EMS service...yes or no?

I have not posted anything in some time now. I think I was to a point of thinking what good I would really do to rattle on about my sorrows for what my husband and I have been through when everyone hears so many stories. 461 more words

Thử nghiệm giải pháp mới phòng trị tôm bệnh EMS

Dự kiến vào tháng 7/2014, khi các sản phẩm sử dụng có hiệu quả và an toàn sẽ được công bố trên thị trường. Tất cả các ao nuôi tại trại thực nghiệm đều không bị thiệt hại do EMS.


Chapter One-Resuscitation

As promised, I am posting the first chapter for Resuscitation, the second book in the Racing the Reaper Trilogy. I’m very excited for the upcoming release and I wanted to give you all a sample of what to expect. 2,738 more words


Boston Marathon

Yesterday was the 118th Boston Marathon.  As it turns out I work just a short walk from the finish line.  I had been told in the days leading up to the marathon that it would be crazy busy and that public transit would be a nightmare.   138 more words


My Happy Place

This is my happy place! In the back of the rig, where all of my problems are miniscule, where nothing but the patient laying on the gurney matters. 6 more words


No more accidents, please!

So far this week has been relatively peaceful, which is a relief after the accidents of last week. Given the hundreds of people who come through our building each day, it’s not surprising that we would have incidents once in awhile. 528 more words

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