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Reel Tape Real Time Time Lord...ism

Thinking back with a smile about finding myself in a passionate conversation about reel tape with especially Brian Hodgson and more members of the original Radiophonic Workshop and EMS in the Science Museum storage rooms about three years ago; both of us recalling enthusiastically trying to splice in a barbaric fashion, drill sacrilegious nail holes into the magnetic tape just to see whether these appalling engineering techniques would generate any very analogue sound effects. 114 more words

Sounds & Compositions

Why I think that Google Glass is Not a failure

The interaction between medical providers and patients has been really compromised over the last few years.

According to Dr. Eric Topol ( as in his new book… 154 more words

Chemical odor sickens several Mililani Ike Elementary students

Emergency medical personnel treated several students of Mililani Ike Elementary School on Monday.

Officials said the students were affected by some sort of chemical odor. 52 more words


My EMS life...

Saturday night I worked on the ambulance for the first time since I quit last May. It was bizarre… In some ways I felt like it had been years since I did this, but then it also felt like I never left. 1,700 more words


Indecision on Fluvanna EMS Future

By. Bryan Rothamel, Field Officer

Fluvanna County emergency services will remain status quo until the Fire and Rescue Association and the Board of Supervisors make a decision regarding the future of rescue services. 961 more words

Board Of Supervisors

"03.29 am - McDonalds." A Saturday night on the Guildford ambulances

I always wonder what peoples day-to-day work life entails. What do you do when you first get in to work in the morning? Check e-mails? Make coffee? 483 more words


Death Wagon 34

After a few curve balls, life is back on track. I think after this I will build a few models of the things I have written about. 1,565 more words