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Joystick and Gamepad Mappers

I’ll start the ball rolling and have something pretty basic for you.

If you have ever had difficultly getting your generic controller to detect in a game and can’t set it to the bindings that you want, well there’s a simple solution out there for you that will help. 96 more words


VGB – GameBoy (GBC) Emulator v4.3.14 Apk

VGB is a Nintendo GameBoy emulator. It runs Nintendo GameBoy, GameBoy Color, and Super GameBoy games on your phone or tablet. VGB also emulates GameBoy Printer, GameLink, RumblePak, GameGenie and GameShark cheat codes, and comes with cheats for dozens of popular games. 20 more words

New Emulator: Xbox 360

Xbox360 Emulator


This is the first Xbox360 emulator that really works. For its creation several a variety graphic drivers were used as well as original… 132 more words

Developing & debugging an HTML5 (phonegap) app - part 2 DEBUGGING

Over the past week, I spent my mornings developing an HTML5 mobile app. The main idea behind the project was that I wanted to learn a couple of new tools and technologies out there, as well as figure out how far you could push HTML5 apps in general (“are they close to native at all, or can you possibly get them there?” kind of thing). 439 more words


Android Connecting Two Emulators via Socket (Korean && Just for Marking the Knowhow)

In short,

You just need to do two things:

  1. Redirect the emulator’s port for the server side.
    1. telnet localhost 5554
    2. redir add tcp:<source_port>:<target_port>
  2. In the android, you can’t connect to ur own PC via “”, you should use “” as localhost.
  3. 741 more words


Has just added a new PS3 emulator only working on pc.
We invite you to download :)


Developing for Android Wear with Emulators

After a lot of struggle, I finally managed to connect Android Wear running as an emulator to an Android Phone, also running as an emulator. Yes, you read that right! 676 more words