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Modern day Christmas in Australia

There is a place where gum trees line streets
Gum trees from the bush
The Jacaranda blooms in December
Kookaburra’s laugh night and day
Parrots all the colours of the rainbow… 222 more words


The Great Emu War

No- the title of this post is not a joke.

Something called the Great Emu War actually happened. And yes, there were emus involved.

In 1932, Australia found itself with more emus than they could manage. 180 more words


FACTS 27-31

FACT: All turkeys are super manly that they have an extra penis on their face.

FACT: All emus, despite the fact that they can run 45 km/hr, lack the ability to walk backwards. 135 more words


Emu's Mess-Terpiece

Turn the flat upside down and find five toys!

Emus, how do they work?

Really? Emus are kind of like dinosaurs, like some great great grandchild of velociraptors.

The emu and I started out well enough. I was cautious of this giant raptor dog. 209 more words

Not Exactly Outback: The Flinders Ranges and Wilpena Pound

As a general rule, the further inland one drives in Australia, the drier and flatter it becomes. Away from the coast and beyond the bush lies the Outback: where scorched red earth meets blistering sun. 577 more words

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