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Just a motoring along...

What’s with all these blog posts?

It may actually be because I’ve had some time to work on Traders, and, believe it or not, I’m making some progress. 201 more words


The Story Behind the 'Graph: Tug McGraw

I had the chance to meet Tug McGraw at a charity baseball game in Trenton, New Jersey in the early 2000s. His health was not at its best however his signature remains one of my favorites due to the smiley face at the tail end of it.


Cosmetic lasers enable skin resurfacing and sonophoresis for best aesthetic results in Broward

People are more aesthetically minded than ever before. This means there is a good reason for doctors, physicians and health care professionals to carry cosmetic lasers and related equipment and products in their facilities. 123 more words

Captain America Christianity

I was talking with my son the other day about some terrible deed done by some person or some character in a movie. I don’t remember which. 1,398 more words


are you hindering humanity? (daily hot! quote)

“When you over-protect, you enable. You cut those you love off at the psychological knees, handicapping them with your inability to trust their inner strength. Stop it. 14 more words


How to Customize the Windows 8 Startup Sound

A number of people have asked me how to change the Windows 8 Startup Sound recently, based on my previous Windows 8 tutorial. Originally, I would direct people to a… 30 more words


the way you left

I saw you
I offered you all i could offer
You wanted but would not accept my help. Why?

Do not leave me
with what i offer