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In the dye pots this week …

Today is a momentous day! I have finished my last day of formal employment and the world of freelancing awaits me. I am very excited. Lots more news to come over the coming weeks. 633 more words



the mornings are clear and open: it’s scary. it is the weight of the entire sky resting on the earth’s surface. it’s that squished of a feeling, the mornings. 278 more words

Rape Culture exists because Law Enforcement Agencies encourage it.

I’ve ranted oftentimes over the years about how sexist prosecutors and lazy/preeve cops fail to protect citizens from sexual predators; and have been duly informed that I was blowing things out of proportion, yadayada. 533 more words

The lifestyle to which...

Maybe I’m missing something, but I’m not sure why I should have to go to work to pay for someone else to not have to go to work. 543 more words


True mental health hospital

I envision a new kind of rehab hospital for people who are mentally ill. Perhaps better said, it will be for people who don’t know how to be human. 679 more words


Another Sad Story

Unfortunately, I feel the need to report another incident of a promising, child star who apparently could not deal with the fame and adulation…and there may have been a female involved. 43 more words

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