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Drama Free is What I Will Be!

I’m so tired of hearing everybody else’s drama!! I don’t ask for it, I surely do not want it in my life. What the hell is wrong with everyone and all the drama swirling around them? 438 more words

He's Clean con't. part 1 (as read from my journals)

On that day, I slept. I slept practically all day. It was the first time I had slept soundly in almost 5 years. I slept so soundly that I didn’t hear the second click of the door unlocking when he came home. 3,094 more words

My Life

To Families

If you’re reading this blog you have stumbled across a mass of jumbled words as I try to make sense of what’s in my head and my heart about my addiction to alcohol. 716 more words

Alcohol Recovery

Climbing the Mountain of Enabling (a mountain that will never be scaled)

When not in check,

I will:

                Pick up your shoes

                                Carry your pack

                                                Lie to your boss

                                                                Do your homework

                                                                                Remove rocks from your path… 1,287 more words


How did you knit yours?

Welcome to another installment of “How did you knit yours”, today I am looking at one of my all time favourite shawl patterns. I often find myself suggesting people knit one of these shawls. 916 more words


LASIK Surgery in Durham, NC: Enabling People to See Clearly Once Again

Patients also need to meet certain physiological requirements before they can be considered suitable candidates for LASIK. In brief, LASIK in Durham, NC is not recommended for anyone who is below 18, planning to get pregnant, taking certain medications, or in poor general health. 89 more words