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Taking Enbrel on holiday

I recently got back from a week in Italy. Nothing unusual about that, except this was my first week abroad for three years and the first time I’d travelled with medication that needs to be kept between 2˚C and 8˚C. 377 more words

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Getting Real

Yes things are getting real! The dissertation proposal announcement came out today…I am still thinking on how I felt. I have pictured that moment in my head, of seeing my name on the list. 318 more words

My Daily Randomness

Sept 12

I began a post on August 17th, but never finished it! haha Just realized that NOW! I was talking about a great kayaking weekend I had. 439 more words

Switching RA Medicines – Don’t Wait Too Long or Try Too Many

I’ve been on seven – count them – seven different biologic medicines since being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I started with several anti-TNF biologics and then moved to several others even bouncing back to try another anti-TNF before eventually trying Rituxan. 113 more words

Invisible Illness Awareness Week 2014

It’s Invisible Illness Awareness Week 2014 from 8-14 September. This time last year, I wrote about keeping positive. Lots has changed in a year. Anti-TNF treatment (Enbrel) has started to make a difference to my joints by stabilising my existing bone erosions and reducing swelling, stiffness and pain in my joints. 293 more words

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Enbrel it is!!

I’ve been meaning to update but it has been an exhausting week. I went to see my rheumy on Friday. After a 45 minute wait, he walks in and asks me which bio med I prefer —Enbrel or Humira. 192 more words

My Daily Randomness