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Forsooth my lord, your sheep that were wont to be so meek and tame, be become so wild, that they swallow down the very men themselves!

inclosure = enclosure
dearest = most expensive
hedge = a thick prickly bush planted along boundaries between fields, to act as a fence
tillage = land for planting and growing crops… 534 more words


Why VidaMount on-wall iPad Frames & Enclosures are great for installations

Every so often, we get feedback from installers and project designers that ask:

Why should we use VidaMount iPad Frames as Enclosures, versus the other solutions on the market? 865 more words


Presenting the ESP8266 Capsule!

This project went exceptionally well. With just under two weeks of prototyping and 3.5 straight hours of soldering, the ESP8266 Capsule is complete! The project as I’ve been showing you in previous posts has been crammed into an enclosure (a food container). 623 more words


Straightforward Siemens 3RV10211HA10 Manual Starter and Enclosure Open Type

– Quadrant Enclosure – this is an enclosure that you use in a corner. This is shaped like a pie-slice since it has a curved entry area and a triangular shaped back area that you situate in a corner. 208 more words