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Playwrights Foundation

The Playwrights Foundation provides support and connections to those who might enjoy writing a play and having it professionally produced. Here is what the home page for this organization looks like: 357 more words


Nikolas Rose

Nikolas Rose’s page uses enclosure as each navigation tab is enclosed in a colored box. These colors contrast with the white background and catch the user’s eye, but they do not match each other or any other color on the page, which makes them look out of place. 25 more words


Rob J. Hyndman

All of the navigation information on Rob J. Hyndman’s site is enclosed in a sidebar, separating it from the rest of the content. The contrast in this sidebar is reversed from the typical dark text on a light background, as white and light blue words are written against a dark blue background. 20 more words


Paul Gronke

The enclosure on Paul Gronke’s site separates the page into sections. Gronke’s photo is placed directly above his contact information; this close proximity associates the information with him. 52 more words


Kenneth Rogoff

The repetition of the same shade of red on Kenneth Rogoff’s page unifies the site. The contrast between the size and color of the title and the rest of the text draws attention to the professor’s name. 13 more words


The Professor Is In

The text of The Professor Is In site is enclosed in a box. The tan color inside this box contrasts with the typical white background. However, the contrast between the black text and the tan background makes the site easy to read. 13 more words


Philip G. Zimbardo

The headings on Philip G. Zimbardo’s site are enclosed in rectangular boxes that draw the user’s eye. The contrast in color between the blue box around “Home” and the gray and white elsewhere on the page emphasizes the home tab and makes it easy for the user to return to this page. 23 more words