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The Truth About Being An Author

I know I took the secret oath to never reveal the truth about what it’s really like to be a published author, but I’ve decided I can’t, in good conscience, keep quiet any longer. 474 more words

Writer's Life

Paying attention to people around you

Whatever you’re working on, keep going.


I talk a lot about showing up to the page. It’s kind of like a train going from station to station. 369 more words

Butt In Chair

An Uncommon look at writer's block: Does it really exist?

Everyone who has taken a stab at writing has, invariably, come across the phenomenon known as writer’s block. Even geeks who like nothing more than to geek-out, like we do on this site, have run into it. 1,239 more words

Uncommon Geek

When the Bad Reviews Come {And They Will}

“She needs to have more respect for the process . . . trying to claim that everyone should heal like her.”

The words pierced my heart. 546 more words


We now return you to this blog already in progress...

I’ve been missing in action. I should have warned you that my daughter (also a writer) was about to have the most beautiful (translation: first ever) grandson in the whole of my universe. 445 more words

Writing Process

Making Connections

Publishing is a funny beast. The author wears many hats – writer, editor, marketer, publicist, sometimes frazzled human being (all right, maybe it’s most of the time). 621 more words


The Only Story That Matters

I was beginning to panic about my book sales. Despite my hard work and ceaseless efforts to promote my new book, I just wasn’t making a dent in the supply of books I’d bought from my publisher. 437 more words

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