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When The Tide Goes Out

Have books ever spoken to you? I don’t mean”speak” in the usual way by content that informs, challenges, encourages, or inspires, but rather … well, let me back up a bit. 301 more words

The Power of Story

It was pitch black as my car slowly followed Micah’s along the winding mountain roads, our tires kicking up dust in our wake. My adrenaline sizzled, preparing both my mind and body for the next hours of our night hike up Pike’s Peak in Colorado Springs. 629 more words

Writer's Life

Overwhelmed by Your "To Do" List?

“Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it” (George Bernard Shaw).

Buried beneath a mountain of paperwork? Paralyzed by some impending deadlines? Dreaming of a week on the beach?

450 more words

Training Your Writing Life

A new puppy joined our family a year ago.

Yes, he was that cute. All puppy smells and fuzzy bums and soft little pads on his feet. 492 more words