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How To Get it Down

A co-worker stopped me in the aisle today.
“Hey you write books, so I bet you know the answer. How do you go from story teller to writing it down? 395 more words

Writing Process

This Writing Thing? It's Not About You

It’s a burning idea.

A passion that can’t be quenched.

A germ of a story that won’t go away.

You’re a writer. It’s who you are. 523 more words

Encouragement For Writers

I Write Without Using My Hands

Several months ago, my hands started to ache. Each week, the pain grew and also began to affect my wrists and elbows. The more I typed or did any other repetitive motion, like cutting a pineapple, the more pain I was in. 633 more words

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Duly Warned

Well, I’m warning you well in advance. National Novel Writing Month begins November 1st!

If you’re a writer, you probably have one or a dozen stories cooking on your big 14 burner stove. 586 more words

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40-Day Challenge: Telling the Stories That Matter Most

In your busy life, how do you determine which things matter most?

A close examination of our priorities helps a lot. But often in the process of prioritizing, we realize that we’ve neglected some of our greatest concerns—like our health, marriage, children, or faith. 505 more words


When Setbacks Are Setups

Life is an unpredictable series of ups and downs. When I’m in a down or just need encouragement, I actively seek out stories to inspire me. 360 more words

Writer Encouragement

Why do you write?

Recently, I reconnected with a blogger friend of mine. We were talking about jobs and she asked if mine was fun or a bread and butter job. 616 more words

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