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I’ve been missing in action. I should have warned you that my daughter (also a writer) was about to have the most beautiful (translation: first ever) grandson in the whole of my universe. 445 more words

Writing Process

Making Connections

Publishing is a funny beast. The author wears many hats – writer, editor, marketer, publicist, sometimes frazzled human being (all right, maybe it’s most of the time). 621 more words


The Only Story That Matters

I was beginning to panic about my book sales. Despite my hard work and ceaseless efforts to promote my new book, I just wasn’t making a dent in the supply of books I’d bought from my publisher. 437 more words

Writer's Life

The 7 Fear-Nots of Every Writing Project

Whenever an emissary from another world showed up in all its effulgence, men and women fell down terrified, overcome, filled with God-brilliance and self-loathing. Our own writing projects, delivered by the other-worldly muse, can inflict and inspire a similar terror at times (Woe is me! 709 more words


Staying on Course

I failed to consider the length of the trail when I started walking it.

Temptations and expectations. I had hoped that a two-mile, brisk walk along a wooded path overlooking a beautiful golf course near my home would clear the cobweb of worry from my mind. 

431 more words

When The Tide Goes Out

Have books ever spoken to you? I don’t mean”speak” in the usual way by content that informs, challenges, encourages, or inspires, but rather … well, let me back up a bit. 301 more words

The Power of Story

It was pitch black as my car slowly followed Micah’s along the winding mountain roads, our tires kicking up dust in our wake. My adrenaline sizzled, preparing both my mind and body for the next hours of our night hike up Pike’s Peak in Colorado Springs. 628 more words

Writer's Life