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No More

It would be easy to let disappointment and failure overcome you… to let them discourage you from whatever goals you may have set for yourself. Ironically, the hardest part would be to pick yourself up and find it within yourself to keep going and strive for greatness. 275 more words


All about Jesus…

Ultimately, what we do is all for, with, through and about Jesus.

However, sometimes, it seems, we need reminding, so that we’re not distracted from our call by our own weaknesses and frailties. 51 more words


Accountability 101

I began this blog approximately a week ago. I was excited! I was going to document my trials and tribulations as a gal trying to get healthy and fit. 361 more words


Sunday Quote (12/21/14)

Whose heart doth hold the Christmas glow
Hath little need of Mistletoe;
Who bears a smiling grace of mien
Need waste no time on wreaths of green; 29 more words


Expect the Unexpected

A high school friend of mine, yesterday, made an interesting observation on Facebook about this time of year. She said she wanted a bumper sticker that proclaimed to fellow drivers how she survived shopping at Wal-Mart the Saturday before Christmas. 1,844 more words

Christian Leadership

Strength Through the Journey

This morning’s Advent reading was perfect and so timely.  The passage reflected on the need to seek strength and stamina through journeys and challenging times, but keep faith that there is joy and growth coming.   342 more words

Wholehearted Living