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Fiddler – The missing string of Web Development (Decrypting HTTPS) – Part III

Configure Fiddler to Decrypt HTTPS Traffic

Sometimes websites depend on resources both from HTTP and HTTPS e.g. Snapdeal.com.

HTTPS traffic is encrypted. And if Fiddler starts decrypting the encrypted files, well, that defeats the purpose of using HTTPS. 225 more words


Caesar's Cipher

Cryptography has existed even before there were computers.  One of the oldest ways of hiding information was used by Julius Caesar. In his cipher, each character in the original plaintext was shifted to 3 positions to right in order to hide what is exactly being said in the text. 67 more words


What about privacy?

I think it’s not news since Snowden’s relevations that we are being watched or monitored digitally. This blog also leaves a digital trace on the net, as you can reach it via searches. 900 more words


Success! Hardly anyone uses 'password' as their password anymore

Originally posted by Jared Newman at PCWorld

It’s 2015, and some people still use embarrassingly obvious passwords such as “123456” and “password.” But at least people seem to be using those passwords less frequently than before. 297 more words

Tearing Apart an Android Password Manager

With all of the various web applications we use nowadays, it can be daunting to remember all of those passwords. Many people turn to password management software to help with this. 355 more words

Security Hacks

Tip 3 - Encrypting passwords

Why is encryption needed?

Let’s say we have an application with a database, storing users.
Whenever a new user registers, we insert a new user to our Users collection in the database. 394 more words


Prying Eyes: Inside the NSA's War on Internet Security

Source: Spiegel, 12/2014

DPA/ NSA. The NSA’s headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland: The US foreign intelligence agency views all encrypted communications as a “threat” to its operations. 539 more words

Police State