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Malware that encrypts Android phones using FBI child-abuse warnings to scare victims into paying $300

Security researchers from ESET® have uncovered a new, even more dangerous version of Simplocker – the Android file-encrypting ransomware that was discovered a month ago by ESET. 481 more words

CyberThreats Daily

My encryption-decryption program in C

This is a program to encrypt and decrypt files on your computer, using a command-line prompt. It’s written in C; you can use gcc.exe from MinGW to compile it. 1,981 more words

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Decrypt Cisco Type 7 Passwords

Hallo … nah .. pengen sharing lagi neh … :)

Kali ini berhubungan dengan password di cisco … misalnya ketika kita sudah membuat password login untuk akses ke router atau switch secara local, alu kita juga telah implementasi command… 212 more words


KeePassX - A Password Manager and Why You Need One

I haven’t posted in a while and I figured I was due. I usually blog specifically for Linux users, but this really applies to anyone on any operating system (Apple, Microsoft, Android, etc). 2,319 more words


Easy encrypt / decrypt class using mcrypt php module

class Encrypt
protected $key = “PUT_YOUR_KEY_HERE”;
protected $iv = “”;

public function __construct()
$this->key = md5($this->key);
$this->iv = sha1($this->key);

* Returns an encrypted string… 55 more words