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Hacker Lexicon: What Is End To End Encryption?

For Most Folks Who Aren’t Very Tech Savvy End To End Encryption Isn’t A New Technology. It’s Been Around For Quite Sometime Since At Least Since The Early Nineties. 81 more words

The Inner Workings

What is End-to-End Encryption?

Interesting article. Plenty of companies brag that their communications app is encrypted. what does that really mean and who has the key? The answers may be found at http://www.wired.com/2014/11/hacker-lexicon-end-to-end-encryption.


Open Whispers Through The Closed Doors

Here is an intriguing result of the interesting teaming up between the Open Whisper System and WhatsApp. Thanks to the state of the art end-to-end encryption WhatsApp is the safest communication app on Android. 184 more words

Encrypt Your Flash Drives Using Debian Or Ubuntu Linux

Protect Your Flash Drives Via An Encryption Program Called Cryptsetup With Debian Or Ubuntu. The Purpose Of Encryption Is To Secure That Data Contained Within It. 142 more words

Free Open Source Software

The Pendulum’s Swing Back to Privacy is Just Getting Started

Summary Bullets:

  • The growing use of encryption, especially in smartphones, gives privacy controls back to end users, much to law enforcement’s chagrin.
  • The backlash against government snooping is just getting started, and it will only get louder with time and a potential defining event that will spur widespread calls for reform.
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How to calculate PBKDF2 key and HMAC hash using OpenSSL and C++

On Mac OS X, Cocoa applications are not the only choice. You might need to create a application in a cross platform framework such as… 395 more words

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