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Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is a simple concept: the Internet should be a level playing field. Everyone and every company should get the same level of service. You should always be able to access any lawful content you want at any time. 545 more words


Encrypted-a challenge

When I was a kid, I remember learning two encryption techniques from my grandmother. The first was the substitution cipher / Caesar cipher / Secret decoder ring method. 931 more words

How to store passwords in a database

1. Unencrypted


• Everyone who gets a peek at the file immediately knows how to login with as any user.
• Gives a clue on which sort of password a user seems to favour (Alfred and David might like dates, Eric Cleese likes Monty Python) 496 more words


Introduction to cyber security – Week 4, Networking and Communications

What is the internet?

Hierarchy of individual networks – from LANs to telephone networks.

A network of networks.

Two key design factors:

  1. No central controlling computer.
  2. 726 more words
Cyber Security

IT-Security-Links – Week 46/47


Access SenditCertified Desktop to easily use the features of SenditCertified.

SenditCertified Desktop replicates the capabilities of SenditCertified’s web-based interface, making it simple for subscribers to send encrypted messages and securely save files to the cloud. The subscriber simply accesses… 85 more words