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Linphone with video and ZRTP encryption for OpenSuse 13.2

Using Linphone on OpenSuse has some drawbacks:

  • Neither default or PackMan repository versions have a video mode. That means no visual when chatting
  • Neither have zrtp or srtp enabled.
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Codename One and me

I’ve had an idea for an app for a while now but didn’t know where to start to get it written. I’ve been a coder for a while but limited to Java, Delphi and some other languages that are not commonly used for app development. 258 more words


Our Modern Cyberpunk world.

Cyberpunk is usually considered Science Fiction, emphasis on the fiction. The dark, neon world of a near future dystopia filled with corrupt megacorps and governments, hero hackers and underground digital resistance movements seems too good to be true, right? 908 more words

BITCOIN and On Posting Here

Since you guys are still (presumably) stewing over what article to write and how to take on the posting assignment, I’ll post one up as a primer to how it should look like and how this entire thing works… 603 more words


CTR mode



– encrypt decrypt same logic
– build upon block cipher
– Instead of encrypting the plaintext directly, encrypts a running counter to get a 16byte block of keystream, which is XOR’d against the plaintext

BBC News - FB Offers ‘Dark Web' Access network via Tor

Jan 23, 2015

By Dave Lee
Technology Reporter l BBC News

While it was already possible to access Facebook via Tor, the new set-up means all data is encrypted and Tor users are not mistaken for hacked accounts. 943 more words


In 2015, Fix Your Passwords

With all the news recently about hacks, ISIS hacking CentCom’s Twitter and YouTube accounts, SONY, Target, and on and on, and related stories about NSA dragnet surveillance, there is one central connection: bad passwords. 335 more words