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Data Encryption and Cloud Storage


The increase in high-profile cloud breaches highlights the growing importance of data encryption and privacy. The many massive data breaches in recent times will lead to a more secured cloud-based IT industry, say experts. 485 more words


FBI vs Encryption

Let us be honest on this one, shall we? The FBI has not been the primary cause for the introduction of the encryption measures on IOS and Android platforms. 191 more words

‘Crypto wars’ return to Congress | The Hill

The call is expected to trigger a major Capitol Hill fight about whether or not tech companies need to give the government access to their users’ data. 72 more words

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NinjaCat - The future of encrypted chat?

Now with the increased knowledge about the NSA spying, more and more people are turning to projects like Tor in the vain hope of some privacy. 214 more words

NSA Spying

An Introduction to Cryptography - The Caesar Cipher

0. Prerequisites

Basic knowledge of Python syntax and constructs.

1. Cryptography

Cryptography is the science of writing in secret code. It comprises of Encryption (that is, changing data so that it is unrecognisable and useless to an unauthorised person) and Decryption (that is, changing it back to its original form.) 1,129 more words


Modern Encryption is no Rocket Science


Difficult as it is, the idea of public-key cryptography is actually quite simple once you have figured it out say cryptography pioneers Whitefiled Diffie and Martin Hellman. 488 more words