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Growing up I had many school projects that involved performing some research and creating a report or display. I remember the process well. I would go to the library and look for information in the card catalogs. 424 more words

Predictive Markets

Tathata or Suchness

Tathata means ‘Suchness’, or ‘as-is-ness of the moment’. When I first came across this word ‘Suchness’ in Zen literature, I thought, ‘What the heck is Suchness? 235 more words


The Drums European Tour-Paris, Le Trabendo

So I know I’ve been a little lax in posting lately but of course I had to update all ya’ll on the incredible life-altering experience I had last night. 360 more words


Million thanks to everyone _/\_

We had our millionth view this morning.

Million thanks to everyone _/\_


Book Review: Outlining Hinduism's essence and history, entry by encyclopedic entry - Koenraad Elst

“The importance of this Encyclopedia in a Hindu self-reassertion is that Hindus have at last decided to speak for themselves. Whereas outsiders like Wendy Doniger can only speak of Hinduism in caricatures, here Hindus have given an account of their own understanding of their civilization. 4,997 more words


307. Free information

Who hasn’t used Wikipedia at some point?

It had never occurred to me how it was funded – until now that is…

Visit Wikipedia this week and you’ll get a message like this one: 206 more words