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The Heroes of Olympus: Rick Riordan

Where to start? Where to start?

Well, I was a late-comer to the Percy Jackson & The Olympians (PJO) fandom. I read the PJO series between April and May of 2013. 931 more words

'It’s the end of an era.'

I’ve heard my husband say that a few times over the last few months and I’ve been doing the head in the sand thing.

But now, after my younger daughter’s valedictory service and final day at school, it’s finally hitting home: in about three months we’re going to be empty nesters. 258 more words

Fact (sort Of)

The End of an Era on Ballard Ave

The news is out! The For Lease sign is up! Portalis Wines is nearing the end of our 10-year lease in this spot (12 years on the street!), and we’ve decided it’s the end of an era for us on Ballard Ave. 525 more words

Pointless Ponderings

If you can hear it, you might s’well say
Clear as a blurb, and darker than the day.
For there is no meaning, no mould in clay— 86 more words

Poetic Intervention

The End of An Era

When first starting a job, they always give you a set of rules. What to wear, how to speak, how to treat people, and pretty much…what to do. 389 more words

Goodnight Australia

*Warning: Full, no doubt, of emotional typos. Not proof read. Because life is sometimes too short.

My vagabond days are over. This was the clear and unambiguous message from my world weary cat this morning, when the blue and white cage with the superhero stickers on it emerged from the cupboard and landed on the bed. 2,395 more words

Australian Politics

The Time I said Goodbye

The last month has been a literal whirlwind of emotions and sensations. The sense of joy and unfathomable love from one person that swept me into a brilliant state of mind and made me realize that I did indeed have something to give to another; and to complete and utter abandonment, a awful ending to another relationship. 517 more words