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Goodnight Australia

*Warning: Full, no doubt, of emotional typos. Not proof read. Because life is sometimes too short.

My vagabond days are over. This was the clear and unambiguous message from my world weary cat this morning, when the blue and white cage with the superhero stickers on it emerged from the cupboard and landed on the bed. 2,395 more words

Australian Politics

The Time I said Goodbye

The last month has been a literal whirlwind of emotions and sensations. The sense of joy and unfathomable love from one person that swept me into a brilliant state of mind and made me realize that I did indeed have something to give to another; and to complete and utter abandonment, a awful ending to another relationship. 517 more words

The End of an Era.

Back to a new week after a super great weekend. Or was it great? yes, it was a great weekend, but also many goodbyes.

Saturday I went for a haircut. 314 more words

How to lose a 15 year friendship

You would think that by me writing this, that I am the one confessing to screwing up a friendship that had lasted 15 years, when in fact, I am the one who severed the friendship after once again being slapped in the face by her for the last time. 597 more words

End Of An Era! Wrigley Field Is Being Renovated

The Cubs play their very last game today at the “old” Wrigley Field…then the new construction begins!

This weekend, the wrecking ball rolls in to start projects we’ve been waiting for.  63 more words


Cretaceous creatures - The finale

Currently re-designing the environment which will hold dinosaurs, and other life, that lived during the final era of giant reptile life known as the Cretaceous. 61 more words

Terrible Lizards

Moving Away

So it happened, I started college. I’ve left home* , learned how to cook and how NOT to sleep through my alarm and miss those9 a.m lectures. 222 more words