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Moving Away

So it happened, I started college. I’ve left home* , learned how to cook and how NOT to sleep through my alarm and miss those9 a.m lectures. 222 more words

The fork in the road

Hey how’s it going?

It’s been a long long while on my part. It has been a eventful few weeks, holidays, birthdays and job interviews. For the sake of this post I want to talk about my next step in life and everything leading to that point. 687 more words

Personal Thoughts

It happened.

Dumping someone feels good. A massive weight of your shoulders.

I’d never been in a relationship that lasted more than a month, so this time, when I’d been dating the guy for over a year and a half I was more than a little scared about how vulnerable and upset I would be post-break up. 195 more words


Skipping to school

So, school. It feels as though we’ve been building up to this for a long time –  throughout last year attending the pre-school, visiting the two primary schools in our village (that was a whole dilemma that I hadn’t expected), getting the application in in January, down to uniform buying, “getting to know you” visits in July, lots and LOTS of talking about it – all in anticipation of last Thursday. 604 more words

All by myself

This week sees our youngest adventurer starting school.
Straight in, full time. Do not pass go. Do not collect £200.

She’s undoubtably ready and thankfully so am I. 383 more words


The End...of an era!

I feel as if I have been truanting from my blog lately. However, I am just so busy fucking up my life then picking up the pieces that I have little time to write about it!  168 more words


Day 363

Day 363

Wednesday 03 September 2014

Three days into our Sydney load out and the place doesn’t remotely look the same! Crew is working their butts off. 18 more words