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What's With Yellowstone?

The past few years, we’ve been subjected to gloom and doom predictions that frighten many people.  There are the usual Armageddon and end of the World prophesies that pop up from time to time.  756 more words


End of civilization - Global warming

Civilizations have come and gone. Excavations by archaeologists provides evidence of various civilizations that were at their peak and just disappeared without any reason as we know. 160 more words

Human Psycology

We Have Been Warned

There are so many moments in history that could have gone entirely different if people had heeded the warnings they were given.

Caesar might have survived into old age if he had actually stayed home during the ides of March.  324 more words

Ranting And Raving

ALERT! Dick Cheney Warns of EMP Attack on U.S. and End of Civilization!

This proves EMP has to be by a missile delivery system….(or solar flare). An aircraft cannot attain the required height of 30 to 100 miles, excepting a localized detonation of a given target…say 1-6 miles directly above it. 60 more words


On Snowpiercer, post-apocalyptic tales, and cult movies

As a poet and politician named Dante Alighieri descends through the circles of Hell, ascends Purgatory and reaches the highest sphere of Heaven, so a rebel leader named Curtis Everett moves from the tail of the Train hosting the planet’s only human survivors to the Holy Locomotive that drives it in a looping route around a frozen Earth. 381 more words

End Of Civilization