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Ready for Tomorrow?

I’ve now polished off the growth mindset presentation for tomorrow.  A huge thank you to Chris Hildrew at chrishildrew.wordpress.com and Huntington School and John Tomsett.   They had a wealth of ideas and resources that have really helped me put it all together. 158 more words

Shocked and Utterly Amazed

Grades were posted yesterday.  Should I look or no? I got to about 6 p.m. and then I couldn’t stand it any longer and I looked. 753 more words

Hard Work

Finally the Holidays Are Over

I don’t know why, but it seemed that this year’s finals, a week before Christmas, were the worst yet. I don’t remember getting out of school this late — but as I type this, I remember that I never actually HAD a final during finals week. 413 more words

End Of Term

Merry Christmas!

This is my last blog post of 2014 and I just wanted to share some highlights of the last week.

On Tuesday 1MD performed in the very successful nativity called ‘Baubles’. 223 more words

Learning Round Up

IN [20/12/2014]:

1. Orphan Black.

Guys, just watch it. I remember hearing about it last year and kind of laughing and dismissing it. I mean what the fuck does Orphan Black even mean? 217 more words

Semester's End

The gusts of wind people are experiencing have nothing to do with weather patterns. It’s the sighs of relief being heaved by professors in many parts of the world. 308 more words


End of Term, Mario Kart and Multi-Cam Updates

Finally the Christmas holidays have arrived and brought the end of an extremely stressful and busy term. It’s been a lot of fun though. To mark the end of the term we used the last day to mess around, have fun and not really do anything related to College work, so I brought in my Wii U which we hooked up to the interactive whiteboards and used to play Just Dance and Mario Kart all day. 252 more words