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Ending Before I'm Finished...

The end of the world. As a Christian this hasn’t been an idea that I’ve taken lightly, but it’s also been something that I’ve occasionally found infuriating. 682 more words

Random Thoughts

Day 3- The Styman Military Academy

But what happened? How did everyone die?

Fair questions. I like to imagine that someone will find this journal in 100 years. Assuming that they are literate, I will try to give a first hand account of how 90% of the worlds population died. 154 more words

Scythe Plague

Five Days Dead

The End of Everything

The world is about to meet Harley Nearwater.

In less than ten days, the science fiction / fantasy novel Five Days Dead becomes available in paperback and digitally. 181 more words

God provides meaning

Unless the Lord builds the house,

The builders labor in vain.

Unless the Lord watches over the city,

The guards stand watch in vain.

In vain you rise early… 378 more words

Is This The End Times?

This is not the end times of the world.  And it is not the end times of Judaism. It is not the the end of the age  mentioned in Matthew 24:3 New International Version or end of the world in Matthew 24:3 King James Version as erroneously translated by Saint Jerome 347-330, Jerome is best known for his translation of the… 349 more words


Final (Draft 1)

Final (Draft 1)

Maybe, there is some inspirational guide, but
if you love me now, I’ll abide, just tell me that
you love me and will side with me always, and… 44 more words

Douglas Gilbert

Over the Apocalypse

Aunt: I watch all of these Apocalypse movies, and I think, is this all they can up with? The highest stakes being the end of the world? 25 more words

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