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Keelie got home from work and the door had barely closed behind her before she was sat at the computer ready to type. She usually avoided her home computer when she had spent the entire workday staring at one, but this day was different. 350 more words

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Apocalypse Scenarios We'd Heartily Embrace!

The apocalypse. Culture’s been pretty obsessed with it for the last… well, decade or something. Longer, even. In the late ‘90s you had films like Independence Day, Deep Impact, and Armaggeddon. 783 more words


Teen Book Battle:Sci-Fi Advisory/POD by Stephen Wallenfels vs. In the After by Demetria Lunetta

Aliens have invaded Earth!  (Or at least their spaceships have landed – we don’t actually see them.)  They have sucked all the energy out of the atmosphere.  439 more words

Teen Book Battles

Not Chaucer, nor Milton,

not Shakespeare nor Pope

not even Wordsworth or Larkin

ever had a hope.

Like conquistadors

in search of Incan Gold,

they plundered the language… 148 more words

Don't worry, Pat Robertson did the science on it

Former NASA astronauts are expected to warn today that the Earth has been slammed by far more asteroids than previously thought — including 26 impacts since 2001 that caused explosions on the scale of an atomic bomb. 253 more words

Ryan Hite

Book 9: End Times Inc.

I guess I’d better start counting by books instead of by weeks, since I can’t keep the schedule I set for myself. This book is very long and is the second of a trilogy. 547 more words

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