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The Knowledge

STARS: 3/5

The first non-fiction book I’ve picked up since I began this project, The Knowledge came to my attention while listening to CBC radio, specifically an interview Lewis Dartnell gave on the book. 327 more words

End Of The World

Dear Laverne Cox and the SRLP: Ebony Nicole Williams Matters


A video made in response to the mockery of Laverne Cox supporting a convicted child rapist and murderer. 

End Of The World

Retreating toward happiness

It’s been a fuck of a summer.

Globally, locally, domestically, it’s been – well, let’s just say the last few days I’ve cranked up my tunes, hid in the garden and kitchen and “fiddled while ‘Rome’ burned.” 1,320 more words


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"It’s too easy to get caught up in the GRRRR and forget to check in with the things that make us smile." Couldn't put it better myself. A great post from Think Banned Thoughts...

A techno-rebellion

She could remember the day when computers followed orders, did as they were told… nowadays they seemed to have a mind of their own. Tucked up in three layers of blankets, head fenced in by a multitude of cushions she had been nursing a mug of coffee with her favourite television programme playing from the tiny screen on her lap when the little machine decided it would like to close down.  325 more words

A Pleasant Hallucination

I was ten years old when the World first ended.

Sun blazed over All the land. Soon its light sparked fires and Everything was bleached in one huge flame. 108 more words

"The Last Sunday on Earth"

“One car coming over the desert highway horizon with a driver from another world, as tumbleweeds with lips and teeth roll across the scarred asphalt on the last Sunday on Earth. 160 more words