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Last Push & Pre-Easter Q's

With only a few more days of teacher college left it is beginning to drag on. Many of my assignments are completed and are waiting in a pile on my desk for their due dates. 248 more words



Despite having to write, on command, a blistering set of formal explications to unanticipated dilemmas over the past three days—all in order to provide a material record that will allow me to be evaluated at this, my final point of contact with the undergraduate system—I find myself remarkably well disposed. 45 more words



I’m sitting in class right now pretending to take notes on a presentation about some Roman crisis that isn’t going to be on the final next week.   249 more words

The Hybrid!

Nothing new yet to show, as the end of college looms, so do some very serious deadlines *gulp*. Here is an illustration I did for one of last year’a assignments. 42 more words


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A year in the life... BakeSoc 2013-14

As our tenure as BakeSoc’s committee comes to an end, we’d like to take this chance to look back over what we have achieved and shared with you guys this year. 401 more words


SU Ball Turnout and Pacha After-Party

On Friday the 4th of April the majority of the members within the Student Union and Sports Societies got together to celebrate the end of year ball, where everyone looked absolutely exquisite. 155 more words

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