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If you are a Christian who takes the bible seriously, there will often come a point where you feel hamstrung by the bible. You may be inclined to, say, allow women into ministry or accept gay marriage or get a tattoo. 1,717 more words


Do you believe in the Biblical Noah, flood, and ark ?

Do you believe in the Biblical Noah, flood, and ark ?

Don’t bother watching the Russell Crow movie. Its unbiblical.

On the other hand,

Ray Comfort made a documentary title noah and the last days that is worth seeing. 47 more words


Is 'blind luck' all that is stopping the opening of the Book of Revelation's sixth seal?

Former NASA physicist and astronaut Ed Lu and astronauts Tom Jones and Bill Anders released information showing that since 2001, there have been 26 known explosions on earth as a direct result of asteroids. 1,135 more words



The King of Israel had surrounded himself with the “Prophets of man” who proclaimed as though they heard from God. 400 Prophets. The King of Judah, Jehoshaphat, wanted to know if there was a “Prophet of God” left so that they could get a clear Word from the Lord. 244 more words


10 Rockets Were Fired Into Israel Yesterday. Its Happening.

Its happening.

The media is ignoring the attack, so I am sharing this information. I encourage you to do so as well.

Those who are against Israel and do harm need to realize that there’s a Spy in the sky and He’s Jewish!!! 46 more words

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