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The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

Today we looked at a site in my english class to see the possible problems with online sources. The site talked about the pacific northwest tree octopus. 84 more words

Biodiversity challenge - Hispaniolan hutia

Hutia love?

No, the fat tree rat
They call the zagouti
Won’t win a prize for
Conventional beauty,
Probably wouldn’t
Look good in Cerruti,
But whether or not…

27 more words

Major Issues

A comment I am hearing more and more often is how do I choose the most important issue to focus on. There are so many issues, most of us get overloaded and sometimes we become less effective. 638 more words

Water Quality

Extremely Rare White Rhino Dies in Kenya—His Kind Nearly Extinct

The northern white rhinoceros is one step closer to extinction with the death of Suni, one of only two breeding males left of his kind. 721 more words


Wolf hunters have unwelcome guests in Wisconsin

Wisconsin wolf hunters are joined by an unwelcome guest participating in the state’s annual wolf hunt. Activists with the Animal Liberation Front (who go by the name Great Lakes Wolf Patrol) have decided to take it upon themselves to follow the sportsmen in the field in an attempt to… 86 more words

Why Arizona, WHY?

I am scared right now.  If I saw this coming at me, I would turn myself around, walk away slowly, and then break out into a full-fledged sprint.  1,758 more words

Endangered Species

white rhino & our endangered species

It was sad to read that a male Northern White Rhino had died in Kenya, leaving only six of these animals left, only one of which is a male. 625 more words