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More on the Sweet Violets...and (Finally) Their Connection to Maria

Finally, we are getting close to the particular meaning of the blue violets in Maria’s life. We’ve been describing and copying information about the violets which made the connection to Maria somehow. 523 more words


King of Chirinda Forest : The "Big Tree

Even in a blog that can impolitely be said to involve a good dose of “tree porn” the Big Tree in Chirinda Forest is something remarkable. 354 more words

Rainforest in Danger

Willy and I finally make it to Chirinda Forest – our journey had up to now had some unexpected turns what with Saffron the Peugeot breaking down three times, two rescue missions, one surprise stay over at a tea estate…but we were back on our route and luckily in the places we are going no reservations are required. 902 more words

Two endemic Jamaican jewel beetles: one known, one not?

I recently received a batch of jewel beetles from Enrico Ruzzier of Italy. It was an impressive sending (as is any sending of jewel beetles!) collected from diverse parts of the world, but what really caught my eye were two specimens he had collected earlier this year in Jamaica—both representing species in the genus… 528 more words


Nene (Hawaiian Goose)

The nene is the Hawaiian state bird.  Presumably evolved from the Canada Goose, the nene is an endemic species found on the Big Island, as well as Maui, Kauai, Molokai, and a few on Oahu.   61 more words