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King of Chirinda Forest : The "Big Tree

Even in a blog that can impolitely be said to involve a good dose of “tree porn” the Big Tree in Chirinda Forest is something remarkable. 354 more words

Two endemic Jamaican jewel beetles: one known, one not?

I recently received a batch of jewel beetles from Enrico Ruzzier of Italy. It was an impressive sending (as is any sending of jewel beetles!) collected from diverse parts of the world, but what really caught my eye were two specimens he had collected earlier this year in Jamaica—both representing species in the genus… 528 more words


Nene (Hawaiian Goose)

The nene is the Hawaiian state bird.  Presumably evolved from the Canada Goose, the nene is an endemic species found on the Big Island, as well as Maui, Kauai, Molokai, and a few on Oahu.   61 more words

Biodiversity challenge - Nepenthes rajah

Pitcher postcards

Fly-on-the-wall documentary

In one fell.

The Fly and the Pitcher

One blue bottle
Crawling on the lip.
One blue bottle
Crawling on the lip.

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Biodiversity challenge - Gelada

High society

High plateau.
Gelato cold,
Gelada utopia.
In his flowing cape,
Crimson badge ablaze.
Surveys the landscape,
Window shopping,
As the carpet cropping…

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27 New Animal Species Discovered in Tanzania

You can add this to one of the reasons why Tanzania is such a special place.

This article from Tanzania’s Daily News online paper outlines the discovery of 27 new species, most of which are reptiles and amphibians. 288 more words

Environmental Systems

Biodiversity challenge - Volcano rabbit

Feeling the heat

We should all blow our top
If they don’t stop hunting
The diminutive zacaton-munching
Zacatuche or teporingo
Endemic to the transverse neovolcanic belt of…

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