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Maleo's forest

Maleo is an endemic bird of Sulawesi. It’s chicken size and he lays down the eggs in heated soil or sand. It’s an endangered species because of the predators (mainly… 19 more words


If you don't like it, what makes you think they do?

Who doesn’t enjoy looking at marine mammals, Hawaiian Monk Seals being one of the cutest. But don’t forget, they need their space too and can be dangerous.   101 more words

New Cohort

Gallivanting in the nature reserves of Mauritius

Everything happens for a reason. And everything doesn’t happen for a reason as well. When I returned to Mauritius a bit more than a year ago, it was supposed to be for a short visit, after which I was to be Tenerife-bound to spend three months whale watching. 829 more words


Camera Rambles: Look Who I Found in the Garden Today - Kereru

Kereru – New Zealand Wood Pigeon. They’re a handsome beasty, with red eyes, beak and feet, a white breast and the head, throat and wings are a shiny green-purple colour,  with a bronze tinge to the feathers. 164 more words


Band Aid 30 : Ebola: Day 18 Nano Poblano

No touch no need

No touch no pass the seed

Of death . Tears of a baby

Can kill  you maybe

You didn’t know

Death passes that easily, so… 32 more words

Western Ghats - Sri Lanka Endemic Radiation of Hylarana with seven new species

All Hylarana species (Golden-Backed Frogs) from the region are now shown to be endemic to India OR Sri Lanka; there are no more shared Hylarana species between the two countries. 366 more words