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On DVD: Stories

What is it about the stories, in the films reviewed on this blog, that connects with human beings? 191 more words


Ender's Game (quick movie review)

Ender’s Game is part of the seemingly never ending young adult novel adaptation wave – they keep coming, one after another, some crashing against the rocks and others gliding all the way to shore. 392 more words

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Why The Giver Didn't Work

It’s more than with a little bit of schadenfreude that I report that the movie adaptation of The Giver bombed over the weekend. Friend D sent this to me, and… 849 more words

The 5 Must-See Movies of November!

OCTOBER 16, 2013 — The heat of summer is finally beginning to cool off, and for Arizona peeps, the coming of fall is a wondrous occasion. 333 more words


Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

There are some books which I freely admit I was late to the party on.  There are even some books I admit I completely missed the party on.  1,807 more words


DVD Film Review: Ender's Game

For a start, I was interested in the Ender’s Game premise. It’s about defending the world (again) from an attack of aliens. However, the movie has little about actual attack and defense. 231 more words


Ender’s Game: Playing at Shock and Awe

Summary:  Today we have another guest post by film critic Locke Peterseim, a review of Ender’s Game. He shows how it provides a mirror into which we can see ourselves, 21st C America in all its glory. 2,526 more words

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