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Two weeks and a lifetime later.

Sunset over Bhopal.

The final party.

Sunrise over Jaipur.

     The past two weeks have been weeks of transition (as if the past six months of my life weren’t already). 575 more words


The Endless Road

Before the endless road was the maddeningly finite village. Within that finite village was the stuffy, stymied diner and its musty, myopic proprietor.

The diner was not a thing of great beauty but its close walls still radiated comfort. 986 more words


Breaking-Up With You

I’m not good at goodbyes. I never have been and somehow I don’t think I ever really will be. I’m sitting at my dining room table in my apartment, on the second last night that I live here. 703 more words

La Navidad Granadina

Christmas is probably my favorite Holiday and definitely one of my favorite times of year– I love the decorations, lights, food, music, and above all else the traditions. 512 more words

Unknotting: The Stupidity of Cleverness (previously posted on Red Room)

When my partner loves a novel, she needs to know how it ends in order to enjoy it properly without rushing to reach the denouement. I find this faintly irritating. 644 more words


Don't do that..

I keep giving myself reasons to open the door to him.
I keep trying to find ways to communicate with him.
I keep wanting to give him hints on how to make things better. 137 more words


I will not love you less

I will not love you less.

I won’t meet you for that coffee. I will not sit in glaring light and hardened air, the hover of history between us. 151 more words