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The Sound of Silence

It would seem there is no winning. I feel angry at being betrayed. I know I can’t go back to the friendship once had. But still I miss you. 198 more words

Random Thoughts And Feelings

A #MomentRuined post

Inspired to write this after reading ElizaDoLots absolutely lovely engagement tale with a hilarious twist.

Reading it brought back some great memories. And some cringe ones. 626 more words


Notes on Masculinity, Part Seven: Five Easy Pieces; Night and Day

For a man, there is no ending
To his journey home.
Because, it’s like James Baldwin
Said: Perhaps home is not a place but… 36 more words


Day 66

So, today went a little better than yesterday because I was not quite so unprepared for the mess that would be my room. As you can see, it is still quite awful but there is space in there and you can get into and out of the closet now so things have vastly improved. 345 more words

No Light At The End

I thought that things would get better.

But all I can see is death.
I’m terrified.

The music helps.
The drinking helps.
The smoking helps. 17 more words

at The End of the day

Last week was all about how important the beginning of a novel is to engage readers, but what about the other end of the spectrum? 626 more words