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I want to remember you
as you are now
naked and supine
on my bed
with your fiery smile
igniting the air
that connects your lips… 289 more words


a letter to R

I don’t actually write a letter to my lover, but i posted this entry in our blog on Tuesday -

this/us thingy

i don’t want you to read this because you’ve said you prefer for there to be a discussion, but it’s easier for me if you do.  1,068 more words

After The End

I think about things in an odd way. Because I watch movies and read books, I see life divided up into chapters and scenes. And, since high school, I’ve realized life is just a series of beginnings and ends. 884 more words

October 24, 2014

Rain is subsiding
Windblown drizzle losing sting
Sunshine tomorrow


Later Verse Last Letters


The progress of the soul is a slow
Endeavour, full of the ironies
Of the narratives we create

These contexts exchangeable
Half-hearted escapes into subjectivity… 111 more words


Plotting To Be Scene - Part Seven

Plotting To Be Scene – Part Seven

I am studying how to plot, and the relationship of plots to scenes.  I recently completed my first draft of… 57 more words


Welcoming Those Autumn Leaves...well for the most part anyway.

I am full of those bittersweet, yummy feelings that autumn always brings out in me — at least on the sunny days like today. This is by far my favorite time of the year. 871 more words