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The tower of learning

February 23rd 2007 9:10pm

“My life is a circus and I am walking down that tightrope. Well, there is nothing to save me now, so I will not look down.” – Papa Roach… 585 more words


Done with that


I had my final exam today. Potentially my final final exam. Ever.

So … that’s exciting.

But it feels sort of anticlimactic. I walked out of that final reasonably confident that I had done well but also … at loose ends. 604 more words

Ramble Ramble

Not So Hard

If I say that I love you, don’t act as if I’ve hit you with a corrosive substance. You know that I love everyone to a certain extent and never expect reciprocation. 84 more words


Hic illae lacrimae.

For a split second I saw myself four years ago. The world was slower once upon a time. Before I grew up. Before I broke down. 31 more words


Burial at Sea: The Cycle Ends

And so we come to the end of the journey, in more ways than one. With the death of Irrational Games, this is truly the end of the Bioshock series as we know it.   1,703 more words

I'm Done

***Warning of incoming wall o’ text that may or may not crit the reader for 56432168411 damage, effectively one shotting them.  >.>  I keep looking at it, trying to figure out how to trim some fat – and am simply not able to.  3,563 more words



January 9th 2007

As a new leaf turns, I have taken some inventory on the relationships in my life. I’ve thought about how they have affected me, influenced me, nourished me, and helped me gain more insight on what I want and deserve from my friends. 395 more words