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Rusted Silence

Not Much…

…to say today. We don’t always have to share our thoughts and opinions. Sometimes we can just sit in a rusted space thinking upon beginnings and endings. 6 more words

Unlock The BOX

Pilgrim's Progress Four: The Rest of Christian's Journey

I finished the first part of Pilgrim’s Progress, and I stand more-or-less by my original feelings about this story. It is not literal enough to be a literal story, it’s not metaphorical enough to be a good allegory, and it has too many attempts at being a story to be a good sermon. 241 more words


The Beginning of the End

My fifth grade teacher loved to read. Every day she either read a book aloud to us or gave us time to read a book on our own. 508 more words

Life On The Hill

You could pack a bag with all that baggage

You left
All this stuff at my house.

Does it have some significance?
What does a toothbrush mean?
This body scrub looks expensive.
Don’t you care about these socks? 76 more words


The End

I don’t really expect anyone to read this post, because its subject is the worst part (to me, anyway): the end.  The clock strikes midnight, the glass slipper is on the palace steps, and I don’t live in Dublin anymore. 516 more words

Study Abroad

Snuggling Up with a Half Quart

snuggling up with a half quart of
half burnt and looking at my hands
trying not to reach bottom
trying to make it last but… 124 more words


my liturgy of departure

Note: One of the valued practices of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, is the Liturgy of Departure. When folk become members of St. 523 more words