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The Lover

A Lover is a lighted fire

Full of passion and power and warmth

But after comes the cold cinder

The withering of ash in the grate…


On Pain and Suicide

This is a heavy topic, and I’m a little leery of delving in too deep, because I don’t want to make these issues a focus in my life. 685 more words


Smoke and Sunsets

These covert conversations
and secret spy games
exhaust my always weary eyes
as I search for us
down every weathered path.
I reach for smoke… 74 more words



I will not be the thorn in your side
We both know that you lied and I’ll leave it at that
There’s no going back… 98 more words


Coffee and Heartbreak

“Believe me when I tell you: Life will not break your heart, it’ll crush it.”
―Henry Rollins

Things end, and there is preciously little we can do to prevent it. 640 more words


The Future of Narrative Storytelling

One man who wants to carry out his purpose in a small town. Two intertwined individuals struggling with decisions in their relationships. Three people who want to change the endings to their story. 235 more words


Of all the places I have been
and all the paths that I have walked
there are many, I know,
I will never walk again. 161 more words