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Ding dong, the king is dead - time for stage two of the grand plan

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah died early Friday morning and although naturally there is a successor (albeit 79 years old, with dementia), something tells me that regime change, the good old American way, is just around the corner. 535 more words

Endless War


by Jacob G. HornbergerJanuary 22, 2015 The mindset that is common to U.S. troops serving overseas is that they are all doing it for America, for us, for our rights and  freedoms, for our safety and security. 793 more words

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Beyond Surreal: Russian MP in DC planning to overthrow Putin

It’s hard to believe that this is even true. It seems completely inconceivable that a member of Russian parliament would be in the US plotting to overthrow his own government. 272 more words

Endless War

Special Ops Missions Already in 105 Countries in 2015


In the dead of night, they swept in aboard V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft.  Landing in a remote region of one of the most volatile countries on the planet, they raided a village and soon found themselves in a life-or-death firefight.  972 more words

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Je Suis Shaitan! Genocide for Dummies

1. Buy up media stations all over the world (become a citizen where necessary)

2. Pick a big group of people, Group A (the target) (preferably with resources), whose language and beliefs are sufficiently different from another big group (B), but not nearly as well armed. 55 more words

Endless War

"Racism is a vital weapon employed by this government"

“Racism is a vital weapon employed by this government” . . .

“While weapons are created and owned by this government[,] they are harmless without people willing to use them” .

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