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Know Your Organs: The Pancreas

Situated beneath the stomach, and above the small intestine, the pancreas is about 8-12 inches long and plays a vital role in digestion. The pancreas has dual functionality: the exocrine pancreas produces digestive juices and the endocrine pancreas releases hormones into the bloodstream. 158 more words


Fragrance Schmagrance

You may have noticed pictures like the ones above popping up at more and more places you visit. Hospitals began implementing no fragrance policies several years ago and schools as well as many government buildings are starting to follow suit. 550 more words

Bad Chemicals

Adrenal Fatigue 101

For a while, I was always tired. Everything seemed like an endeavor. I would wake up exhausted, pouring coffee down my throat just to drive to work, where I’d drink more coffee. 328 more words


Inside Our Body (part #1)

Human body is a biological machine controlled by the mind through its direct connections and interactions with the glance via hormones and nerves, this relations is called as bio-psychology. 1,117 more words

Secret Of Being Well

Hormone Problems? The Common Culprit Lurking in Your Bathroom.

What does commercial hair color and your favorite lip stick have to do with heavy metal toxicity, miscarriage, or even bladder cancer? Actually, a lot more than you would think. 868 more words


Testimony Tuesday: Endoflex for Immune Support

Last week was a little rocky for us. Still not sure what really triggered her seizures, and although we are still suffering through our lovely fall allergies, I think she is clear. 352 more words

Essential Oils