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The C-word

Pheochromocytoma……….what the hell is that??  

The surgeon gave us a brief overview as James and I sat there trying to take it all in. Basically, a Pheo is a rare type of tumour arising from the adrenal gland. 1,252 more words


Thyroid Update

I haven’t been sleeping well for several weeks now. Luckily, I haven’t needed to supplement with naps…. Until today.

I had an early morning appointment with my endocrinologist today. 301 more words

In Between Time

"You could have a thyroid coma.."

I was referred by my professor, who happens to be an Allergy Immunologist to his Endocrinologist next-door clinic neighbor after I showed him my thyroid test results. 560 more words


Horrible Hormones

Up until 4 years ago, I didn’t have a clue about hormones – it’s one of those things you just take for granted.  However, hormones are vital to human health (male and female) and it’s only when things go wrong you suddenly appreciate how important they are ……..like a lot of other things in life I suppose!   1,133 more words

Neuroendocrine Tumour

Typical Hypothyroid

The past few months have been some of the most difficult to handle, so my apologies for the three month hiatus. But as most of you with hypothyroidism know, living day to day can be hard enough to handle. 450 more words


Is Your Mascara Disrupting Your Hormones?

How many products do you use a day? Face wash, make up products, nail polish?

How much did you spend on these products? Be honest… I know it’s hard… 398 more words


What am I grateful for?

October 7th.  It is hard to believe it has been one year since the tumor was removed from my head that a few times hemorrhaged and almost killed me.  504 more words