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Research: It goes with everything this season

I feel like ever since Nash was born, all I do is lean on my scientific background (B.S. Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology – focus on microbiology) to learn as much as possible about whichever current Hell I am living through. 723 more words


Subclinical Hyperthyroidism

Another easy scan to read.

This is the case of a 75 year old woman who presented with subclinical hyperthyroidism. In other words her TSH was suppressed but he T3 and T4 were in the normal range. 71 more words


The potential of regenerative medicine. (ted.com)

“Alan Russell studies regenerative medicine — a breakthrough way of thinking about disease and injury, using a process that can signal the body to rebuild itself.” 11 more words



I have decided to create this blog to help consolidate information about our infertility journey and its many twists and turns.  I will openly share our first pregnancy at (my) age 37, which ended with pPROM at 27 weeks, a 5 month NICU stay, a 1 month PICU stay, 28 days on ECMO, child loss, subsequent recurrent pregnancy loss x 4, Asherman’s Syndrome, and next steps that will include immune testing and IVF.   38 more words


The Easiest Scan to Read - Ever

I will now present the easiest scan in the world to read.
A scan so easy that you can do a one word report.

This is the case of a 30 year-old woman who 1 month post partum complained of tremors and was found to be thyrotoxic on blood tests. 117 more words


Parathyroid Scan: Read Your Own #3

You know how it works now

Now for the thyroid scan we occasionally use as a baseline:


We use oblique pinhole imaging for parathyroid adenomas and SPECT-CT only occasionally. 62 more words



Assessment/Clinical Presentation

  • Mild hypokalaemia is often asymptomatic; more severe hypokalaemia can cause muscular weakness/tiredness
    • Rarely- ventricular ectopic beats can occur (present as palpitations)
  • Can be defined as …
  • 290 more words