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Obesity and Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation is

a technique for detaching oneself from anxiety and promoting harmony and self-realization by meditation, repetition of a mantra, and other yogic practices, promulgated by an international organization founded by the Indian guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ( c. 665 more words

Causes of Hypoglycaemia


EX- exogeneous drugs
P-   pituitary insufficiency
L-   liver failure
A-  Addison’s disease
I-    islet cell tumours (insulinoma)
N-  non pancreatic neoplasms

Source: Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, Edition No.


A Diagnosis in Our Future?

Eleanor saw Dr. S today for a follow-up. Unfortunately, the results from her blood tests have not come in yet. Dr. S said that if she had to lean towards one condition over the other, it would be Growth Hormone Deficiency based on symptoms and the suspicion of Austin having it also. 141 more words


endocrinology meds

Calcium gluconate

Dexamethasone Treat “thyroid storm”

Dextrose acute hypoglycemic crisis: 1cc per kg.

Diazoxide manage insulinoma with GC (inhibit insulin, promote E)



Glucocorticoids Euthyroid sick syndrome – identical pattern to hypothyroidism. 136 more words

Stem cell-derived pancreatic cells under the skin replace insulin

Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute (Sanford-Burnham) and UC San Diego School of Medicine scientists have shown that by encapsulating immature pancreatic cells derived from human embryonic  459 more words


Parathyroid scans

Parathyroid scans are performed in patients with suspected hyperparathyroidism for pre-operative diagnosis of focal parathyroid adenoma. In primary hyperparathyroidism 90% of cases are due to focal parathyroid adenoma. 358 more words

Parathyroid Adenoma