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Congenital Hypothyroidism


  • Lack of thyroid hormones from birth
  • Can result in irreversible neurodevelopmental and growth problems if not recognised early
  • ~1 in 4000 births; more common in girls (2:1)
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Braunwald's Heart Disease: When to use aspirin in diabetics?

The present recommendation, as outlined by guidelines from diabetes and cardiovascular professional societies, daily aspirin (75 to 162 mg/day) is recommended in all patients with diabetes with the following conditions: 20 more words

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My Week, Reproductive Endocrinology

Hey everyone,

Last week I worked like a busy bee on my research manuscript. The writing continues again starting Monday. Womp womp. I’ve come to the realization that I dislike research for several reasons. 590 more words


Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia


  • Rare, autosomal dominant syndromes characterised by hyperplastic/neoplastic activity in multiple glands
  • Generally, MEN can be classified as
    • MEN 1 (Wermer’s syndrome) (inactivating mutations of MENIN- tumour suppressor gene; Ch 11) …
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Diabetes insipidus


  • Rare disorder characterised by persistent excretion of excessive quantities of dilute urine and by thirst.
  • 2 types
    • Cranial
      • deficient ADH production
      • Causes include tumours, surgery/injury, infection, radiotherapy, Sheehan’s syndrome; inherited disorders e.g.
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"As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was Raised as a Girl"

(I wish there were a kind of widget I could put here that had the details about the book and a link to Goodreads or something. 744 more words




  • Both are essentially the same condition but rickets present in childhood before the bones have grown/fused
  • Characterised by defective bone mineralisation due to either …
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