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Being a Mom Changed Me

Endo day.

Growing: gangbusters.

Gaining weight: yes.

Urine: perfect. (<–I don’t remember this ever being a thing before.)

Thyroid: works.

Vitamin D: good (maybe normal?), keep taking supplement. 293 more words

Thyrotoxicosis: scan patterns

A thyroid scan is basically performed in two settings:

1. Thyrotoxicosis

2. Assessment of goitre or thyroid nodules.

A thyroid scan is not indicated in hypothyroidism. 112 more words


Endocrinology Appointment

So I had a blood test exactly two weeks ago for this appointment. According to this, my thyroxine levels are too high and the endocrinologist has said I should reduce my 100mcg thyroxine to 75mcg. 171 more words


: now under new management :

There’s been a coup, ladies and gentlemen.

My brain, pictured above, has overthrown my thyroid, pictured below, and seized control of operations. Hey, don’t look at me; I’m just as surprised as you are. 343 more words


Parathyroid adenoma or multi-nodular goitre

A 58 year-old man presented for a parathyroid scan for hyperparathyroidism.

Immediate images:

2hr washout image:

Thyroid Scan:

You can see a large lesion in the upper pole of the left lobe of the thyroid that demonstrates delayed washout and does not demonstrate uptake on a base-line thyroid scan. 61 more words