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A Disciplined Mind

The benefits of exercise are many. From more energy and a higher self-image to something as simple as a better night’s sleep, there are lots of reason to start a regular exercise program. 537 more words


Trailing Awesomeness, part 1: Marathon 7500, Bucegi

We walked, ran, climbed, crawled, smiled, swore, enjoyed the rain and hated he wind, got wet, flirted with the sun, surfed on the mud in the middle of the night, met the Mama-Bear with her two cubs (eating the runner’s food), got chased by sheppard’s dogs multiple times, made new friends, raced in the foggy weather, ate onion, enjoyed ourselves when we shouldn’t and screamed happily at every conquered check point. 214 more words

The Talk Test

I have a bad habit to race my long slow distance (LSD) run. These runs are not meant to be too hard, they are useful to practice being on your legs for a long amount of time. 356 more words


Running on empty

I feel I’m having a runner’s lull at the moment.

Possibly organising a 10km involving more than 300 people, whilst trying to maintain training and tick off another marathon is one explanation. 211 more words


Building Stamina For Running

Here are three simple tips that teach you building stamina for running.

Hill Run Training

If you really want to kick your fitness level to super, respectively hill is brutal but effective solution. 717 more words


My First Full Marathon

I was a sprinter in my school days, but the thought of running a long distance event never entered my head till I was in my second year of college. 883 more words

The Write Stuff