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Acts not violating fasting  

  •  Venesection, rectal enema , eye or nasal drops, donating or receiving blood, nasal bleeding (epistaxis) or bleeding gums , unintentional vomiting,   chewing tar-or gum resin, kissing the wife, foreplay, masturbation, brushing the teeth, tasting food by a cook,  gargling, having injections for treatment (sub-cutaneous intramuscular or intravenous  or inhaling dust or flour.
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Erotic Humilation Play

We, Sir and darling, include humiliation play as part of our D/s and BDSM. This Humiliation play involves an event that demonstrates unequal power in our relationship.   684 more words


To Douche....or Not to Douche? - A Guide to Anal Cleanliness

When it comes to all things anal, there’s just one thing thats unavoidable, yet still seems like such a taboo subject – douching. We can talk about orgasms but we can’t talk about anal cleanliness without getting a bit bashful. 2,005 more words


a gcs adventure: -21 hours

Time keeps ticking away, and we’re less than 24 hours away.

The last couple of days, I’ve been on ectasy it feels like.  A and K threw a surprise party in my honor.   232 more words

A GCS Adventure

#75: The Current State & Future of Probiotics

Probiotics are getting increasingly popular, but they’re also unregulated by the FDA. What does this mean for you? We discuss some interesting applications people have applied. 32 more words


How to do a garlic enema

For all those wanting to learn how to do a garlic enema::
Peel four raw garlic cloves. Put them in a blender and add a pint of clean water. 134 more words

Fall grape cleanse

The seasons are changing and so is my body. During seasonal transitions I like to give my body a chance to reset and recharge. This usually means a cleanse – simplifying my food intake and giving a break to my digestive system so that my body can focus on healing and eliminating what is no longer needed. 124 more words