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#75: The Current State & Future of Probiotics

Probiotics are getting increasingly popular, but they’re also unregulated by the FDA. What does this mean for you? We discuss some interesting applications people have applied. 32 more words


How to do a garlic enema

For all those wanting to learn how to do a garlic enema::
Peel four raw garlic cloves. Put them in a blender and add a pint of clean water. 134 more words

Fall grape cleanse

The seasons are changing and so is my body. During seasonal transitions I like to give my body a chance to reset and recharge. This usually means a cleanse – simplifying my food intake and giving a break to my digestive system so that my body can focus on healing and eliminating what is no longer needed. 124 more words

That Time I Gave My Son an Enema

Nope, never mind.  I can’t blarg about this.  It’s too gross even for me.  There’s nothing funny about violating the butthole of a two-year-old with a tiny plastic tube. 202 more words


The gallstone cure – surgery without a knife – page 63

I have a rule that I will not experiment with other people before I myself know how the treatment feels. That’s why I became my own first gallstone patient. 392 more words



Found this cute little video in my Facebook feed today and had to share!

Enemas aside, I think this video is a great resource to pro-coffee drinkers fighting the naysayers. 142 more words


Nurse the colon first before using your cancer cure

A house built on a good foundation can last forever

There is one common trait with every natural treatment for colon cancer.  That is that the supplements, herbs, or types of foods are only claimed to alleviate symptoms, or attack the cancer cell.  1,016 more words

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