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Squeaky Clean Enema Pin Brooch

I’m afraid it has already sold but Etsy is awash with other great gifts such as this.

Although I doubt anything would make such a ‘perfect gift for nurses, nursing students, proctologists, or anyone who craves that squeaky clean feeling!’ 8 more words


Checked In...and Waiting

Dear Elizabeth,

We’re settled in the delivery room now. I’m sitting bedside as your mother chomps on some takeout food, watching the fetal monitor and fighting with her legs for a place to use my computer. 251 more words

Seri Pengobatan Alternatif Kanker : Protokol Detox Harian (Personal)

Hai Pahlawan,

Salah satu aktivitas yang harus dilakukan oleh penderita sakit kanker adalah melakukan eliminasi benda asing e.g racun/bakteri/virus/mucus etc yang ada di tubuh. Benda asing tersebut bisa jadi penyebab tumbuhnya sel abnormal atau terbentuk selama masa pengobatan. 531 more words


architectural enema

12 November 2014 and the builders go in.

The first job on the list is to strip our 1850′s house. Sitting in the Summerhill Square conservation area of Newcastle (just to the west of St James’ Park football ground) means the house is listed. 167 more words


5 Days Post Op

I came home from the hospital yesterday. Almost missed getting to the pharmacy before they closed to fill my pain med prescription, but my family came thru for me.   231 more words

Acts not violating fasting  

  •  Venesection, rectal enema , eye or nasal drops, donating or receiving blood, nasal bleeding (epistaxis) or bleeding gums , unintentional vomiting,   chewing tar-or gum resin, kissing the wife, foreplay, masturbation, brushing the teeth, tasting food by a cook,  gargling, having injections for treatment (sub-cutaneous intramuscular or intravenous  or inhaling dust or flour.
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