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About My Gerson

Here are collected personal notes, observations and information about the Gerson therapy.
Nothing of what is written is intended to suggest what one should be or shouldn’t be doing with one’s own health and diet. 38 more words

Coffee Enema

10 Bizarre Stomach Churning Natural Remedies

For much of mankind’s history, doctors fumbled in the dark when it came to medicine. So much about disease and illnesses was unknown. One thing was understood: the human body has an amazing capacity to heal itself given time and opportunity, but when the condition just wouldn’t go away, it was time for intervention. 1,465 more words

Weird Stuff

I bought an enema bulb, and I'm terrified of it.

The bulb seemed like a less intimidating option. I didn’t like the looks of those full-on fucking irrigation systems: I can’t tell whether they belong in a hospital room or an industrial agriculture operation, but they certainly don’t belong up my tender, inexperienced little bum hole.

Adventures In Kink

Beginning of the End: first day of enema

Warning: this post contains a detailed description of the enema process. If you don’t want details, stop reading after the second paragraph.

Today was the first of 8 straight days of enema. 490 more words

Vet visit

Yesterday we took Tiger and Clovis to the vets for their annual shots. Our good friend John helped us corner Clovis so we could get her in the carrier without incident. 208 more words

My Life

What is an enema and why do enemas?

I am inspired to write about using enemas as a cleansing tool, or when on a detoxifying diet.

Before you completely freak out, read on. Enemas have been used for centuries across numerous cultures.  653 more words



Welcome to “Sunday Morning Coffee with Jim,”

A little different story today, but I’m sure it will move you;

it did me! lol

I know this is not a subject you talk about as you sip your coffee or tea.  1,738 more words