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The #1 Best Advice I Was Ever Given

You would think that the best advice you’d ever received would change over the years. But I received my best advice as an adult many years ago, and it remains true and valuable today. 496 more words


Jesus Gave You Words Of Wisdom

10 Then Jesus said to them,“Nation will fight against nation. Kingdom will fight against kingdom.11 In many places there will be powerful earthquakes. People will go hungry. 227 more words

Spiritual Inspiration

Blogging With Saint Paul: God saves His enemies and makes them His friends.

Romans 5

This passage contains several verses that played a pivotal role in my own salvation, and probably the salvation of most if not all Christians. 268 more words


"I call it OPERATION: Cobra."

You know those people you meet, and you realize there just as weird as you. Those are called friends. People you’ll spend your entire life with, and people that’ll probably come and go in life. 444 more words

Confident Women Don't Hate

I follow a woman on Twitter who I have truly grown to love, Real Talk Kim (@realtalkkim) and tonight she tweeted:

“Oh darling, you can’t fix yourself by breaking someone else. 964 more words


10 Countries That Love America... And 10 That Hate Us

A new study shows which countries around the world are cool with America… and which ones aren’t. You can read the full study here. 88 more words


A clean house is a sign of a misspent life

Have you ever cleaned house to the point where the only thing left in it was you? How many people will you welcome into your life to only end up screwing it up? 176 more words