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Got to see my awesome fifth-teen-year-old sister today! It’s weird the first 12 years of her life we were arch-enemies. I would endlessly tease her, play tricks on her, scare her, you name it. 135 more words

Friends, Old And New

The Covenant of Moses: Overcoming Adversity (Part III)

Read Nehemiah chapters 4, 6, 7

We read last time how Nehemiah had began to rebuild the wall in Jerusalem.   Sanballat, who was one of the men who previously was rejected by Nehemiah when he requested to be allowed to take part in the rebuilding project, became incensed when he learned that the rebuilding of the wall had started.   717 more words

I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends!!!

“I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends.”
— Abraham Lincoln

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U.S. becoming too weak to counter global threats?

“An independent panel appointed by the Pentagon and Congress said Thursday that President Obama’s strategy for sizing the armed services is too weak for today’s global threats. 44 more words


PSALM 105 : 17

HE sent a man before them -Joseph- who was sold as a slave.
GOD sent Joseph to Egypt before other Israelites! 506 more words


Why Is There An International Friendship Day But There’s No International Enemy Day? Reverse Racism, That’s Why.

Today is International Friendship Day – a day to celebrate your connection to someone close to you by sending them a message, going out to lunch, or simply thinking kind thoughts about them as you go about your day. 607 more words

Frank and the river

Once upon a time our world was an even stranger place than it is now, believe it or not.

In this world were forests, and these were magical, enchanted places, where curious and often miraculous occurrences took place. 553 more words