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The "Insider Threat Program" And The Government's War On Whistleblowers

Submitted by Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

The Obama Administration’s Orwellian government employee snitch network, dubbed the “Insider Threat Program,” first made headlines about a year ago. 833 more words


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It is disgusting that our government has turned so Corrupt and Communist, that they penalize the very people who are brave enough to speak out and tell the truth about their Evil and Illegal activities, and are trying to do the right thing!!   They make me sick!! I hope that they rot in hell for all their evil.

Day seven: X-COM

“A hundred days of writing” is a challenge many would-be writers face, one dealing with creativity, commitment, consistency, and experience. Since writing has been a pastime of mine for some years now, yet I never strove to improve myself, always relying on what little talent I have. 1,837 more words

A Hundred Days Of Writing

The Enemy Within (rant)

You know, that voice inside your head that is always criticizing everything you do. That voice in your head that tells you, you’re fat, overweight, too skinny, too short, too tall, etc…, whenever you look in the mirror. 692 more words


"The Enemy Within": Short Film Trailer

“The Enemy Within” is a great short film that I worked on as a First Assistant Director, so here you can see the trailer. Written and directed by the delightful and talented… 126 more words


You are all in some kind of shock, dismayed by the antics of obama in trading a deserter who willingly joined the taliban for five worst of the worst terrorists in Gitmo. 796 more words