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Good Friday!

As I write this there are still a few hours left of Good Friday but you are probably reading this on Saturday, I should have posted this last night, right? 765 more words

My step-father has always had this one peculiar habit. For some, it is hard to understand and not to misinterpret, unless they have known him since forever and had already got familiar with how he is. 348 more words


1 Timothy 6:12

Today was supposed to be a really rough day for me… because the second I woke up it felt like I was predetermined to be in a bad mood. 701 more words


Your Worst Enemy

Occasionally, I remember Brand New and the music I loved in high school. Sure, I’ve had friendships and relationships end in heartbreak, despair, disappointment, and disbelief: a burning mass of heart and feelings. 96 more words

Wicked Something

My upper lip snarling, eye brow raised, upset is not the word I am looking for
Heart beat accelerates, finger tapping pulsates, can’t she see I am staring through her soul? 123 more words


Spiritual Battles

Today’s note will be in question and answer form!

  1. : If Jesus has obtained all power in heaven and in earth, why we still fight spiritual battles?
  2. 604 more words

Enemy approaching

Here it is!

One of the designs for the Mice Troops. The enemies from Project Ratvolution.

When we were designing all the characters, we tried to focus on specific key words that could describe their faction and personalities. 116 more words