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Sheldan Nidle Update 11-25-14…

How are you feeling? Are you totally distraught by the violence in Ferguson? Hope not, because this is a distraction ploy/play to keep our attention from the very positive events that are happening for us! 1,342 more words

Day 244: Opportunistic

There’s nothing wrong with being opportunistic, as long as you aren’t throwing all moral convictions out the window.  There are certainly times when life presents a situation that you’d be stupid to not take advantage of.   826 more words


Freeing Myself From Karma.

I can free myself from my karma much more quickly if I daily purify my world by the use of the violet flame; and by directing my energies constructively from henceforth as I release them through my thoughts, feelings, spoken words and actions.


Day 243: Productive

There’s something about a holiday week that used to make me feel uber productive.  Maybe it was because so many folks would take the week off so my day would be quieter than normal…leaving me to do those tasks that require being able to just sit and think.   171 more words


Day 242: Permission to rest

I’m kinda tired today…for no specific reason, really.  Only had a couple of glasses of wine last night…wasn’t up late…didn’t get up early.  Maybe it’s the result of a long week.   246 more words


A quote about the Whare Wananga- maori house of learning

I read this quote today that I like from a thesis by Dawne Sanson.

“The Whare wananga sees and interprets the world as a kahu, a fabric comprising of a fabulous melange of energies.

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Energies of the week – Trust the Unknown

A continuation this week to clean out the old from your closest, home & body, making space in your life for the New. Trust the unknown becoming known with grace & support for you.   291 more words

Awakening Through The Heart