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Day 160: It's a new life for me...

….and I’m feeling good.

160 days ago I left my job.  I told everyone I was retiring…and that’s what I did.  I retired from my old job…from the old constructs I lived by…from external expectations.   454 more words


Day 159: No such thing as failure

Failure.  My shaman said it at the end our session the other day.  It’s a word that’s been floating around in my head for weeks…since I started to teach SUP, actually.   732 more words


Increasing Energies

We, The Mountains of the World, would like to talk a bit about the balance maintained by The Universe.

As We understand it, The Universe (no matter what name you may use…God, Love, The All, The Universe) returns two to twenty fold the energy which you expend upon others. 79 more words

Creating Your Life

Day 158: When the teacher becomes the student

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours with my Shaman doing some work.  As we chatted in the last few minutes of the session, Jim said something that triggered an association.   510 more words


September's Energies



When I was little, one of my favourite times of the year was the return to school. I loved seeing my new books, notebooks, pencils, crayons, rulers, rubber, sparkling new, waiting to be read, written upon, used to draw frogs and butterflies and underline important or difficult words. 285 more words


Day 157: Going with the flow

I started to take the weather personally.  I mean, this is the first summer teaching SUP yoga and it’s been the coolest and wettest in years.   572 more words


Day 156: When I grow up

I used to watch her come into the yoga studio.  She always looked so put together…so happy…so peaceful.  Her gray hair laid beautifully…effortlessly gracing her shoulders.   384 more words