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a moment spawned in cosmic chaos
clarify anatomies of dis-ease
churning death in the mind(‘s eye) of humanity
collective intelligence degraded by a bullet
backed by a badge
backed by hate
clearly outdated


Contract For Feeling Good

Contract for feeling good Several years ago I wrote out a contract to keep with myself in an effort to kick start some changes. I managed to eat that apple a day for several months. 839 more words


Vital Statistics

Age: 46 years, 7 months. Height: 162cms. Weight: 200 pounds/14.3 Stone/90.80 kg.

I want to start feeling good! I want to have energy to burn! I want to be able to walk up a hill. 619 more words


Diffuse | Chai Tea

Just what I need!  A comforting, yet energizing aroma that can help boost immunity at the same time.

Diffuse- Chai Tea on these cold days leading up to the holidays! 40 more words

An Oil For That...

5 Tips to Boost Productivity and Make the Most of Your Day

It can be quite a challenge to stay on task and focused throughout the day. With e-mails to check, phones ringing, Facebook messenger  popping up and the T.V. 1,167 more words


Green Mood-Booster Smoothie

YES, we did sleep in an extra hour on Sunday but also now we know that winter season is officially underway. It’s very common for us to feel low energy, and even somewhat down in the  next couple of weeks. 83 more words

Chic Foodie Treats

Never Confuse Progress with Winning

Everyone likes a winner.  In sports, the teams that consistently win will enjoy a more loyal fan base.  Last year’s 1-11 team that finishes 3-9 this year has enjoyed a 200% increase in their wins, yet their fan base is probably no better.  192 more words