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Knowledge management is dead, long live experience sharing!

I love learning, and that is probably the reason I got obsessed with knowledge management. I used to idealized people that seem to know a lot of things. 332 more words

Agile Management


Jeffery Glenn Miller (age 20).

Allison B. Krause (age 19).

William Knox Schroeder (age 19).

Sandra Lee Scheuer (age 20).

Those are the individuals who died during the Kent State shooting also known as the May 4 massacre or the Kent State Massacre.

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Beauty Diary, Week 18

Often it is in getting lost when you truly find yourself.


Drawing Near to God

The world in which we live, and everyone in it, is held captive by sin. However, through faith in Jesus Christ we are given God’s promised salvation (Galatians 3:22-23). 346 more words

Union With Christ

Winding down...

I love to walk after a day’s work. And if possible, in nature. It winds me down, empty my mind from unnecessary clutter and calm my nerves. 66 more words