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Tip of the Day

Get out and play, It keeps you young and energized!

Tip Of The Day

Fresh Air

It took a lot of convincing to get my butt to take the dog for a walk today. It’s cold out. The wind isn’t friendly and my street is icy. 163 more words


Happiness: Moment by Moment

Be bold.

Seize life.

So many times we hear these or similar platitudes about how to reclaim our limited time on this Earth. Or, perhaps more accurately, we’re told how to restore some semblance of happiness. 479 more words


A World of Mystery

In honor of Halloween

(I recorded the following thoughts on the Memo app of my iPhone during a recent float trip)

This summer I paddled the Potomac and I thought that was one of the most beautiful moments in a kayak that I had ever paddled; that part when I came around a bend and saw the Lincoln monument literally bathed in the golden sunlight of the late afternoon. 440 more words


Clean Room Makes a Clear Mind

Hello Ladies and Gents!

Don’t worry.  This post won’t just be about how it’s good to clean your room.  It’s just that it did help to motivate me to get things done today even though it is kind of late for me to start going through my list. 415 more words


Agony and Relief

Journal Entry 9/20

Yesterday was physically and emotionally brutal. All in all, a pretty typical second day on the trail. At least, in my experience. The reserves of energy have been burned away on the first day’s activity and by day two I start to feel the familiar aches that are particular to trails. 694 more words

Extended Wilderness Time

Let the Adventure Begin

Journal Entry 9/18/14

One thousand dollars later and just shy of one thousand miles – we bought some new camp gear and books – we are in Colorado; experiencing the national parks like you only can in Colorado…and Washington. 585 more words

Extended Wilderness Time