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Feel The Burn...Of Positive Energy!

Everyone, exercise is so important, not just in the planned, executed workout you should do about five days a week, but also in little moments of every day such as walking, getting up, and moving around. 1,706 more words

Having Fun With Your Electric Soul

Do you find yourself asking why you are not happy and are not aware of the answer? Well, I have asked myself that question so many times and I still do not know the answer. 421 more words


Is writing a biography enough to acquaint yourself with your main character?

A biography tells you about his characteristics, his likes and dislikes, his job, his education, his background, his flaws and his hopes for the future. 273 more words


the joy of freedom...

Some of us, we are too busy in our working day. Some, even hardly has time to take a good rest to ease the tiredness in body and mind. 362 more words



To the rhythms sounding sweetly at dawn-
I awaken, dance lightly and resolutely!
All songs of dawn I hear and take them to my heart! 106 more words


Writing and running

Writing is sedentary. Sure, you get up to refill your coffee, but while your mind is doing jumping jacks, vigorously working out, your body is desk-bound, inactive, stationary. 537 more words

Writing - The Experience