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Best Weapon Against Climate Change: Green Conservatism

Since the beginning of industrialization, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has exploded exponentially, and with it, a serious climate threat. Unfortunately, the climate debate has become political rather than scientific: Democrats take Al Gore’s… 626 more words


The perils of running a petro-economy

Western oil magnates and their fellow travellers in government and media once crowed superciliously about their pride of economic place in Canada. They and they alone, they insisted, were responsible for the nation’s surging fortunes in global markets. 657 more words


You Never Know

I had an unexpected busy-ness weekend last weekend, so I didn’t get to do my spiritual blogging. I’m glad that I can do it today before I get going to my night job! 775 more words


Olive: Conquer stress

Olive is an intelligent bracelet designed to help you manage stress. Created by a team of New  York based designers, the bracelet tracks your physical indicators of stress, helps you to analyse habits that cause stress and even gives you guidance to manage your stress. 38 more words



Using simple ingredients and just 10 minutes of your time you can create any style yogurt parfait for breakfast, snack or on-the-go!

This Recipe I call “greek passion” consists of 4 ingredients: 53 more words

Using eye contact to help protect endangered species

Eye contact is our strongest form of non-verbal communication and plays a critical role in initiating emotional relationships between people (and other species).

Photographers, for example, know that getting subjects to look directly at the lens of the camera is more likely to create an instant and intimate connection with the viewer than other compositions. 346 more words