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Don't just bring infrastructure to Africa - bring GREEN infrastructure to Africa


As the result of a U.S.- Africa Leaders Summit held earlier this week, it was decided that South Africa would see the creation of a $100 billion fund to finance infrastructure projects in the continent. 211 more words


The Reluctant Yogi

About six months ago, those two letters put together were just that to me- a short word that some people chanted while “doing yoga”. Mind you, I had nothing against yoga, per se, but like many, I ignorantly thought it was all about chanting and forcing your body into contortionist shapes. 753 more words


Travels through spacetime and beyond

Today’s post is a result of three recent conversations I’ve had.  All of them took place while I sat here at my computer in my cottage in Somerset, England. 1,053 more words

Hot-spring bacteria reveal ability to use far-red light for photosynthesis

Bacteria growing in near darkness use a previously unknown process for harvesting energy and producing oxygen from sunlight, scientists have discovered. The discovery lays the foundation for further research aimed at improving plant growth, harvesting energy from the sun, and understanding dense blooms like those now occurring on Lake Erie and other lakes worldwide. 803 more words


Unable to Conceive Due to PCOS

Question:     For years I’ve been trying to conceive without luck. I have pcos but many women do and still have a baby. I’ve done everything from tracking, natural therapies. 739 more words


Our Navy Should Go Nuclear, Not Green

Nuclear powered aircraft carriers and submarines have proven their strategic value and the safety of nuclear power.

For a few years, 9 nuclear powered cruisers (CGNs) supported the carrier task groups. 686 more words


CO2 capture and storage – reducing carbon emissions from coal

In Australia we generate 75% of our electricity from coal. This creates a lot of CO2 emissions, with increasing concerns about global warming and climate change. 142 more words