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Coming to Grips With the Sun

It’s not well understood how the Sun affects the Earth.

We count the number of sun spots, measure the sun’s irradiance and the size of solar storms. 680 more words


Hydro-power finds its way home!

Hydro-power is power derived from the energy of falling water and running water, which may be harnessed for useful purposes. Since ancient times, hydro-power has been used for irrigation and the operation of various mechanical devices, such as watermills, sawmills textile mills, dock cranes, domestic lifts, and power houses. 397 more words


Rigs-to-Reefs in the North Sea?

When offshore oil and gas installations reach the end of their working lives they are decommissioned and can either be removed from site, or modified to continue as artificial reefs, supporting the marine life that has developed on the structures over the years. 841 more words


Coal seam gas emissions lower than US: first Australian study

By Damian Barrett and Stuart Day

One of the most common questions Australians ask about coal seam gas is whether the gas wells leak – and if so, how much? 885 more words


Snacks – the more, the better.

Two days before Australian Championships

Placing: 2nd in Australia.

When my children were born, I was fascinated with their eating behaviour. They ate every 2 to 3 hours without fail, around the clock. 915 more words