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The best and the worst sports drinks and energy bars

I wrote the title for this piece first, and then thought, ‘if I have to list all the worst, most disgusting sport nutrition products I’ve tried, I’ll be here all day.’ Some of them are so vile they make me grimace and quite frankly, I’d rather go hungry and thirsty, or just get a cake. 575 more words


Holly's "Easy No-bake Chocolate Energy Bites."

Ever since the first Lara Bars came out….I was sooo amazed that each protein bar only had about 4-6 ingredients in them! I knew I wanted to try to make them at home. 191 more words

2nd: Not chocolate - but jam and energy bars for Switzerland

But all that is allied with chocolate, believe me or not.
Namely, there is an excellent barter exchange system in Geneva called Trade School. You can participate in different sessions and bring something to pay the course, not money. 163 more words


Clean, Plant-Based, Vega

I know I’ve sounded off quite frequently this summer about surviving the heat, but it’s certainly been a hot one. Thanks to Vega’s Fuel Your Better campaign… 771 more words


Vegan banana nut energy bars & Monday running motivation

Good morning everyone! Today I wanted to share a recipe for my favorite homemade energy bars, but first here’s a little Monday running motivation for all of you (myself included) who still need to get a run in today. 350 more words


Cocoa-Coco Bars

Every time I look at a package of Lara Bars I think, I can make that. Two ingredients, can’t be that hard, right? Well, turns out I needed a lot of experimenting to get what I really wanted: something deep, dark and chocolatey, but without a bunch of junk in it. 226 more words