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No Bake Bars

What’s your protein bar of choice?  Do you know what’s in them?  How many oils and sugars and syrups are listed in the ingredients?  Or how about fillers, artificial sweeteners,  and preservatives?   437 more words

Energy Bars

Sexism and snacks

Of course I couldn’t resist reading the article Nutrition Bars Are Sexist? Oh, Okay when it came through on my Google nutrition news alert. The author writes rather condescendingly about a blog post:  536 more words

A nuTea Interview!

The Critical Cat interviews Mayank Chauhan about his nutTea: Tea Infused Organic Energy Bar that everyone can enjoy!

TCC: Hi Mayank! Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with The Raging Kucing. 953 more words

Critical Blog

Raw Energy Balls

I have been experimenting with making my own energy bars and balls… aka ‘E Balls’.  Most of these experiments have been expensive, epic fails.  But I think I’m getting closer.   273 more words


Chocolate Peppermint Energy Bars

Heyyyyyyyyy. Look who made herself some food boards? Yep, I did! They definitely make food look better. No wonder I want to eat all the time when people make food look damn sexy. 357 more words


$!!yummy homemade energy bars!!$$

do you love energy bars? well i do!! i love energy bars, granola bars, crunchy peanut butter bars and all bars!! they’re a kind of snack you eat in the morning and they provide haha a good amount of energy, carbohydrates and proteins for a fresh morning! 368 more words

What About Aussie Bites at Costco?

I don’t know how long Costco has been carrying them, but I just stumbled across Aussie Bites at Costco yesterday. These seem to be a variation on the theme of Sunrise Energy Bars which I posted about… 364 more words