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Foods to Keep you Going

Right now that I am writing to you, I have “study music alpha waves” BLASTING on my laptop in an attempt to persuade Loulou that she is actually really sleepy and there is no way to escape her 11:00 nap. 954 more words


adidas Consortium Energy Boost Glow Zone (Core Black/Reflective Silver) @ Packer Shoes

The adidas Energy Boost Glow Zone is an expertly formulated and highly technical runner bursting with some of the performance footwear worlds most staggering technology. Its precision designed Energy Boost midsole actually stores and unleashes energy thanks to the thousands of finely tuned ‘energy capsules’ held within. 74 more words

Packer Shoes

Beat the 3PM Slump!

Energy Boosting Foods to Keep You Alert from 9AM – 5PM

High Fiber Cereal

  • Jaimie Davis, PhD, RD, who is a research associate at USC found that eating a high carbohydrate, high fiber breakfast produces the highest level of alertness during the middle of the day.
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Nutrition Tips

Day Two and Three on Thrive

Day two started pretty similar in reference to my initial boost of energy. Realizing soon that a few extra trips to make a “head call” (as we called in the Marine Corps) were required. 244 more words

Adidas Energy Boost 2.0

This is going to be my very first blog post about anything that is related to sneakers. My goal is to give you guys a fast review about a product I currently have. 616 more words


Eat fat to loose fat?

Now here is a contrarian view you wouldn’t normally hear from all those ‘fat-is-bad’ gurus. But recent research shows that reduced fat and calorie intake, and the frequent use of low calorie food products have been associated with the paradoxical increase in the prevalence of obesity. 319 more words

Posture Correction By Diaphragm stretch

This exercise helps to:

1. breath better

2. gives you ENERGY

3. get more flexibility in you upper thoracic spine and neck