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adidas RG3 Energy Boost

The brand new adidas RG3 Energy Boost:

Source: KOF


Get Rid of Those Nasty Pre-Workout Powders!

Would you stop drinking those nasty pre-workout drinks that cost a fortune if you knew that some of the typical things that you normally have in your house can replace them? 311 more words


Sofa, So Good

Do you ever have the urge to just park your behind on the couch, and just stay there? Yeah, me too.

Let’s face it— no matter how active we want to be, sometimes we need an extra boost of energy to ensure we make it to the gym after work on a Monday. 305 more words


What Is The Best Moringa in Canada?

We’re so excited to be bringing the purest Moringa to Canada. Clients are always asking us “What is the best and most pure form of Moringa?”. 31 more words


Beautiful day!

On my to-do-list today were two things:
1. Lunch date.
2. Dinner and food shopping.

It turned out to be a sunny warm day, after a few days of rain and cold winds. 110 more words

Protein Snacking: How to Kill Your Appetite and Feel Good All Day

If there’s one thing that works extremely well for appetite control and stable energy levels, it’s snacking on protein throughout the day. Ditch the carbs and avoid those refined sugars at all costs. 147 more words


10 Reasons to Go on A Raw Food Diet

As the next step in my vegan diet I’m kicking it up a notch and switching to a raw food diet.  Simply eating a vegan diet isn’t necessarily the healthiest approach because there are still a lot of foods in this category that aren’t healthy, and I’ve been gravitating towards these foods (ahem…Oreos) too much recently so I decided I needed a change.   330 more words

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