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Choosing nutrition, choosing convenience: Why do you choose Herbalife Formula 1?

Choosing to eat right, especially in the morning, is a challenge for some. For Herbalife Formula 1 fans, the choice is simple.

“I choose Herbalife Formula 1 shakes because they’re really easy, they’re tasty, and they’re full of lots of great nutrition,” one Herbalife fan said. 133 more words

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Infrared sauna


It has been a while since I’ve written, mostly because I was struggling to keep my job and didn’t have the energy to try new things and write about them. 50 more words


Mommy&Me Monday: Energy for an Active Life

Boost Your Energy with Peppermint Essential Oil & NingXia NitroEnergy!!

Do you often feel tired or rundown? The demands of everyday life as a parent can contribute to low energy levels and feelings of fatigue.Poor quality sleep, heavy work schedules, fussy babies, diminished nutrition, hectic lifestyles—there are many contributing factors to daytime fatigue, but the great news is that you can fight it! 258 more words

Mommy&Me Monday

Need A Natural Energy Boost? Here Are 7 Food Strategies

Kara, selected from TreeHugger     July 19, 2014

Food is fuel for our bodies, and our bodies reflect what we put into them. By learning how to eat in ways that boost energy and combat fatigue, you can do a lot to optimize your mental and physical performance throughout the day. 619 more words

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adidas RG3 Energy Boost

The brand new adidas RG3 Energy Boost:

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Get Rid of Those Nasty Pre-Workout Powders!

Would you stop drinking those nasty pre-workout drinks that cost a fortune if you knew that some of the typical things that you normally have in your house can replace them? 311 more words


Sofa, So Good

Do you ever have the urge to just park your behind on the couch, and just stay there? Yeah, me too.

Let’s face it— no matter how active we want to be, sometimes we need an extra boost of energy to ensure we make it to the gym after work on a Monday. 305 more words