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What do you like the most: energy conservation, energy efficiency or renewable energy? Why?

I like energy conservation the most, followed by energy efficiency, then renewable energy. From a sustainable development perspective, and from an Eastern perspective, it is best to minimise one’s needs and wants, and to satisfy needs and wants in a way that is most helpful to all. 64 more words


From Heat to Electricity –Thermoelectric Materials as New Energy Sources

Title: From Heat to Electricity –Thermoelectric Materials as New Energy Sources / 熱から発電・新エネルギー源になる熱電変換材料 (講演は英語で発表される)
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Wilfried Wunderlich, Tokai Univ., Fac. Engineering / 東海大学工学部材料学科大学院 ブンダリッヒ・ビルフリド教授 29 more words

Energy Conservation

Energy Efficient Buildings: Example of a House Renovation in Tokyo

Speaker: Dr. Lorenz Granrath (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, AIST)
Time: October 20th (Monday)  12:40-13:40
Place: Room H-314 (University Hall, 3rd Floor) 9 more words

Energy Conservation

Nuclear Free One Year Japan -- the way forward for the future of our electricity

Speaker: Hisayo Takada (Climate / Energy Campaigner, NGO Greenpeace Japan)
Time: September 29nd (Mon)  16:00-17:00
Place: Room H-314 (University Hall)
Invitation flier (PDF)
Presentation video: … 14 more words

Energy Conservation

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Relaxin' (and Celebratin') With The Climate Change - Talkin' Trash, November 2014

The Climate Around Climate Change Is A Changin': Four Deludedly Optimistic Thoughts

(Apologies to B. Dylan, but I couldn’t just leave a metaphor like that blowing in the wind. 443 more words

Talkin' Trash

Window quilt instructions

I got a couple of emails asking for directions to make the window quilts.  Ok, it’s very simple.  Use whatever type blanket, comforter, quilted fabric, or plain fabric you want to use as your window covering.   662 more words

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