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India has 16% of world’s population, but less than 1% of the world’s energy resources. There is a huge difference in the demand and availability of energy. 606 more words

Energy Conservation

Modern WiFi Thermostats 101

If you’re still using an old style thermostat where basically all you can do is set the temperature by walking up to it and changing the settings, then it’s about time you took a serious look at the latest generation of smart thermostats. 305 more words

"No Impact Man" by Colin Beavan

Last August, when I wrote about Cities Are Good for You by Leo Hollis, I noted Hollis’ reference to No Impact Man by Colin Beavan. I was dismissive because the thought of living very “simply” in New York City struck me as silly. 565 more words

25% off WaterWELL Workshops

Earth Day is right around the corner and Water Awareness Month is in May.  What are you doing for those events?  If you are a water agency then maybe it’s time you scheduled a speaker for you event or hosted a workshop.

Day 8 - Earth Hour Re-loaded

I’m not a fan of empty gestures over social media and I don’t believe that changing my Facebook status results in real change. I also don’t believe that Earth Hour is an empty, symbolic gesture because it results in a… 432 more words

30 Day Challenge

On energy conservation

(Photograph: Self-taken)

Why should we conserve or harvest energy? A reasoning and a reminder. A comprehensive blog post as an answer to this question can be found on… 20 more words

Green Bits

Conservation Corner: Green Committee Goes to the Top

The Green Committee will be providing regular articles on how 980 Broadview works, and how to make the most of its energy at the least possible cost. 691 more words

Green Committee