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India focusing on improving energy performance of industry

Kate Galbraith writes in the New York Times about the progress India is making in encouraging the nation’s industrial plants to improve its energy efficiency. The country knows it has to address its growing GHG emissions and it sees improved energy efficiency as an important step forward. 1,064 more words

Energy Efficiency

Ecodesign – European Commission land grab or market facilitator?

The Third Generation Environmentalism Ltd, E3G, the independent, non-profit organisation accelerating the global transition to sustainable development, provides a new briefing report on Ecodesign in the form of a question and answer entitled… 438 more words

Energy Efficiency

Closely examining the story behind setting the EU’s 2030 target for energy savings

Many were surprised that the European Council lowered the 2030 target for energy savings that had been proposed by the European Commission. Andrew Warren, honorary President of the UK’s Association for the Conservation of Energy, explains in an article for the Energy in Buildings & Industry magazine what happened behind the scenes. 866 more words

Energy Efficiency

Potential impact of new minimum performance standards for rental buildings in the UK

The UK is requiring landlords to have their buildings meet a minimum performance level as of 2018. While the initial reaction was muted, now the real estate industry is realising the implications. 857 more words

Energy Efficiency

What do you like the most: energy conservation, energy efficiency or renewable energy? Why?

I like energy conservation the most, followed by energy efficiency, then renewable energy. From a sustainable development perspective, and from an Eastern perspective, it is best to minimise one’s needs and wants, and to satisfy needs and wants in a way that is most helpful to all. 64 more words


The many benefits Green Roofs can have on local communities

A green roof is a roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane. 517 more words