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Balancing it all

My attitude towards the environment and dealing with climate change is that of striking a balance between the understandable panic from climate scientists and the practicalities of what’s possible. 2,128 more words

Climate Change

A message of commitment and Energy Union.

And finally, this week, as many of you know The EU 28-member bloc agreed on Friday to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 by at least 40 per cent from 1990 levels – the first time any leading economies have shown how far they are willing to cut emissions in international negotiations due to seal a global climate accord.  195 more words


Tomorrow's City: Songdo, South Korea

South Korea is surely emerging and taking the world by storm, in every possible way you can imagine. Just think in terms of culture (K-pop and sappy dramas), technology (Samsung), and automobiles (Kia and Hyundai), need I say more? 288 more words

Lighting Controls in Buildings, Demand Management and Microgrid Development

Lighting control systems can help microgrids shed load, improve demand response, use resources efficiently, and offer greater overall reliability.

Source: energyefficiencymarkets.com

>” [...] Lighting Control Facilitates Load-shed Strategies…

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Can grass-roots innovation be scaled-up through the design and maintenance of social and policy networks?

The states are the “laboratories of democracy. ” They are often the source of new policy ideas, including new strategies for encouraging investment in renewable energy. 248 more words

Energy Efficiency

Minnesota tops Midwest rankings for energy efficiency; 10th nationally

Minnesota was ranked 10th in a list of the most energy-efficient states in the U.S, with the city of Minneapolis finishing eighth in the national city rankings. 386 more words


EU leaders fall short on energy efficiency

EU leaders have committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% by 2030, but have watered down the target for energy efficiency.

This week has seen EU leaders come together to set targets for greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency and renewable energy for 2030.  186 more words