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Some Facts About LED Bulbs

Environmentally-friendly LED bulbs continue to grow in popularity because of their longevity and energy savings.

Early versions of LED bulbs often cast a blue hue, but today’s LEDs can mimic the white or yellow glow of incandescent or fluorescent lights. 233 more words


Energy Efficiency and Conservation When Lighting Your Home

Energy efficiency and energy conservation are not the same thing.

Energy efficiency refers to using less energy to perform a specific task. For example, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) can light your home using less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs. 194 more words


Great Article Highlighting Neptun Light Induction Products in Aviation

One of our distributors  did an interview with Hangarsphere Magazine about retrofitting air craft hangars using Neptun Lighting, Inc Induction products.

HangarSphere then called Robert at Neptun for an interview and was invited up to see the factory. 83 more words

Energy Efficient Lighting

Save on the cost of running the business

How much of a grasp do you have on your company’s figures? Of course, you’re probably going to find that the cost of your heating will go up over that period – possibly more than cancelling out what you pay to cool the place over the summer – but have you ever looked at the figures in terms of lighting your business? 182 more words