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Save on the cost of running the business

How much of a grasp do you have on your company’s figures? Of course, you’re probably going to find that the cost of your heating will go up over that period – possibly more than cancelling out what you pay to cool the place over the summer – but have you ever looked at the figures in terms of lighting your business? 182 more words

New lighting technology upgrades to reap big savings across Australia

Councils across Australia are planning major works to replace inefficient street lights and relight public domains in a bid to cut costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 476 more words

Infrastructure & Major Projects

M Lite Solutions LED Light Bars are the next hot retrofit kit on the Market

M-Lites LED Light Bars are highly sought after World Wide

Our LED 2 Light Bar Systems provide 3400 Lumens, while only consuming 34 Watts, and have become a first rate option for many Electrical Contractors in the Midwest. 116 more words

Energy Efficient Lighting

Top 5 Low-cost Lighting Solutions

Tired of walking past an empty room with the lights left on?  With time, and gentle reminders from our colleagues, we can all make flipping off the switch a natural behavior.   124 more words

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