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Simple technique may drive down biofuel production costs

R&D – Lignin, nature’s way of protecting plant cell walls, is difficult to break down or remove from plant materials called biomass, such as the non-edible parts of the corn plant. 57 more words

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Big Data in the Driver's Seat

By Rosabeth Moss Kanter – Flying cars (the Massachusetts start-up Terrafugia is working on it) still seem a distant prospect, but new vehicle technology is rapidly taking hold. 93 more words


Satellite shows high productivity from U.S. corn belt

By Kathryn Hansen – Healthy plants convert light to energy via photosynthesis, but chlorophyll also emits a fraction of absorbed light as fluorescent glow that is invisible to the naked eye. 77 more words

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NASA’s Fermi makes first gamma ray study of a gravitational lens

R&D – Astronomers classify B0218+357 as a blazar—a type of active galaxy noted for its intense emissions and unpredictable behavior. At the blazar’s heart is a supersized black hole with a mass millions to billions of times that of the sun. 78 more words

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Woes of Megacity Driving Signal Dawn of ‘Peak Car’ Era

By Jeff Green and Keith Naughton – Peak Car is at odds with the ambitious expansion plans of global automakers, which IHS says are gearing up to produce more than 120 million vehicles by 2016 — almost 50 percent more than last year’s worldwide sales mark of 82 million. 69 more words

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