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Energy Fields are All Around Us – So What are They and How Do We See Them?


In his 1975 book, Amazing Secrets of the Psychic World, Raymond Buckland describes auras as having three dimensions. There is the etheric double, a dark line that is grey in color that extends across the surface of the body. 395 more words

Psychic Viewpoint

Dowsing energy

Hello Tamashi

This weekend I played around with some ideas with regards to the energy fields of things.  I thought I would write to you to tell you what I have discovered so far. 383 more words

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Luminata in Monterey

I enjoyed a lovely evening at Luminata Books & Gifts in Monterey CA, Friday November 14th, talking about Flower Essences and Accessing Subtle Energies.  Where will we take the conversation to next? 8 more words


Irene Chung - What Is Energy

Irene Chung

A discussion of what Energy is, what is positive, negative, good or bad energy, and how energy affects our lives.

Energy Fields


What I’ve learned about varied dimensions, is a little different from how we usually use the word. We like to think of ourselves as multi-dimensional, but there is a sense in which that’s not true. 317 more words


Step 13a: emanations, event horizon

The Cat’s Eye Nebula continues to serve as a model for us and our meditation practice. Step 13 is Toroidal Flow. This is the natural and already occurring flow of energy and qualities in a person. 38 more words

Entry Level Meditations