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Extended Minds: The Mental Fields Within & Beyond Our Brains | New Dawn : The World's Most Unusual Magazine

December 27, 2013 By davidjones


“We have been brought up to believe that our minds are inside our heads, that mental activity is nothing but brain activity.” … 18 more words

Creative science

I am going to be honest, I have an on-off relationship with the scientist in me which you may have picked up from some of the other posts on this blog, but that is not what this post is about. 712 more words

Becky Sage Actor

EnergyDOT scam

Those ‘coloured circles’ on the water jug sold for around $50.00 at a naturopathic convention I went to in April 2014, and I was outraged by not only the price for such a small cheap looking product (they must get one hell of a profit margin), but also the extraordinary claims they carried. 319 more words

Alternative Medicine

"Camping with the Adams Family"

Unfortunately over the weekend we stayed in a shared camping site. The Arizona “Fools Hollow” campground, one of the nicest in the state, has spacious shaded sites and is highly prized by people from Phoenix/ Scottsdale escaping the high heat of the valley. 595 more words

Cosmic Tidbits

Creative Soul Alchemy (Part 2)

JOURNAL PROMPTS:¬†Write about how it felt to visit the field of Creative Soul Alchemy and any thoughts that come to mind – you don’t have to answer any specific questions, just make sure to write for at least 3 minutes. 200 more words

Give Your Dream Wings