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Energy Medicine versus Conventional Medicine

Conventional or Modern medicine is based on Isaac Newton’s model of reality grounded in the science of biochemistry. The body is seen as a complex biochemical ‘machine’ with component body parts, whether they are tiny molecules like neurotransmitters, cells such as neurons, or anatomical structures like our spinal cords. 717 more words


The strange and the wonderful


I have come to the realization at my wonderful age of 46 that I am just not “normal”.  I’ve always had a sense of being very different from such a young age.   1,492 more words


The Ten Bodies | Yogic Anatomy | Introduction

Note: From my understanding, Yogi Bhajan taught about the ten bodies sporadically over many years of teaching. He didn’t teach a class on the Ten Bodies. 549 more words

Kundalini Yoga

Energy Fields and Emotional States - letting go of things that don't serve your soul

Have you ever noticed on bad days how the dog barks and cat pees on everything, electronic devices go wonky and die, and you hit every red light and road closure on your way to work? 901 more words

The Universes We Create

Our Universal Field

The energy body that swirls inside and around our body, is an inherent part of oneself. Every living thing is born with it and it maintains throughout life. 110 more words


World underwater?

I am sure you would have thought at least once, whether its possible to live on the ocean bed underwater. According to a sci-fi concept of force fields it is possible! 315 more words