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Gas-price skid causes nervousness

So-called “experts” on energy prices and policies keep telling us the same thing.

The downward spiral in oil and gasoline prices is going to continue perhaps well into the new year. 245 more words

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The State of New York the latest to ban fracking

Jesse McKinley writes a good article in the New York Times about the decision by the Governor of New York to ban fracking in the state. 431 more words

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Pakistan looks at coal’s impact on energy policy

This is an important article for all of you to read carefully. Farhan Anwar, an urban planner, writes in The Express Tribune in Pakistan about the impact of coal. 747 more words

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Assessing the German energy transition

The Economist news magazine usually does not hesitate to express its views. This is certainly true in this article that analyses what it belives has gone wrong with Germany’s energy transition. 428 more words

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Ed Hoskins: Capital Cost and Production Effectiveness of Renewable Energy in Europe - the Data

Guest post from Ed Hoskins
A comparison of both the Capital Cost and Energy Production Effectiveness of the Renewable Energy in Europe.

The diagrams and table below collate the cost and capacity factors of Renewable Energy power sources, Onshore and Off-shore Wind Farms and Large scale Photovoltaic Solar generation, compared to the cost and output capacity of conventional Gas Fired Electricity generation. 2,819 more words


Whitehouse Statement Opposing "Tax Extenders"

Talk about speaking truth to money! From the Whitehouse Press Office:

Floor Statement of Sheldon Whitehouse
On H.R. 5771
December 16, 2014

Mr. WHITEHOUSE. Mr./Madame President, later this week, the Senate will likely take up and pass legislation to extend several dozen expired tax provisions.

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Scots fail to come up with an independent energy policy

I was recently disappointed to find out that the normally fiercely independent Scots, who produced some of the greatest scientists, engineers and thinkers of modern times have managed to succumb to the global warming fantasy. 103 more words

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