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New York charter school gets results from teacher incentives, pay, supervision

This Gates Foundation funded study is encouraging. 

(…snip…) The typical teacher in New York with five years’ experience makes between $64,000 and $76,000. The charter school, known as TEP, would pay much more [$125,000 Ed].

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@aguanomics argues federal hydro revenue at $300m per year higher if Hoover Dam electricity was auctioned #ColoradoRiver

.@aguanomics argues federal hydro revenue at $300m per year higher if Hoover Dam electricity was auctioned: http://t.co/YGpVeDJINh

— jfleck (@jfleck) October 29, 2014

More hydroelectric/hydropower coverage here.

Colorado Water

Power in Winter

I cannot but enjoy this autumn in London. the temperatures are hot and there is none of the equinoctial wind which blows London dust into my eyes this time of year.   227 more words

Climate Change

Climate Models are Lousy

  By Bob Shapiro

The federal government spent $22 Billion in 2013 ($165 Billion cumulative total) on global warming research grants, subsidies, junkets, etc. Global warming alarmism is being used to justify an… 113 more words

Energy Policy

Better Yellow Labels

Information provision is a key element of energy-efficiency policy. Just think of the ubiquitous yellow EnergyGuide labels, which are required by law to be displayed on all major appliances sold in the United States.  663 more words

Risks from low levels of ionizing radiation

This is a guest post by physicist Jani-Petri Martikainen @jpjmarti, proprietor of PassiiviIdentiteetti
(This post first appeared on Passiiviidentiteetti October 26, 2014)

This is one branch… 1,523 more words

Energy Policy

Energy for the people

Amid all the debate surrounding the Smith commission there has been surprisingly little focus on energy policy and where there has its focused almost exclusively on oil. 876 more words