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How Now, CHP and DG?

A resurgence of interest is appearing in combined heat and power (CHP) and distributed generation (DG) options in many states, including specific interest from industry and the so-called “MUSH” markets (that is, municipalities, universities, schools and hospitals). 1,328 more words

What is the risk of investing in Australia’s clean energy future?

The Clean Energy Legislative Package includes the carbon pricing mechanism and delivers support for jobs and competitiveness and Australian’s economic growth, while reducing pollution. Households will be assisted through tax reform and increased payments.  53 more words

Energy Policy

Bad Energy Policy Kills

   By Bob Shapiro

The more cheap, reliable energy a country has, the better off the people of that country are. But, what of the really energy poor people around the world? 251 more words


Paterson's Great Guff

Owen Paterson’s speech to the Global Warming Policy Foundation last night was depressingly poor.   If it hadn’t been trailed so heavily in the press, I would have thought he had made it up on the spot.  737 more words


One Benefit From Shale Oil

From  D. Mark J. Perry – American Enterprise Institute

Environmentalists these days tend to fight against any energy source except solar and wind. The US went from being a major exporter of oil many decades ago to having to import over 60% of our needs in 2005. 89 more words


Toward a Sane US Energy Policy

   By Bob Shapiro

One measure of America’s Standard of Living is GDP per capita. The standard of living for each nation shows a direct relationship with the energy consumed per person in that country. 632 more words


Wringing juice from irrigation canals -- Mountain Town News

From the Mountain Town News (Allen Best):

In 1909, President William Howard Taft arrived in Montrose on a train to dedicate one of the federal government’s first reclamation projects.

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