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Kindness Challenge - Week One

“What this world needs is a new kind of army — the army of the kind.” ~ Cleveland Amory

Hello Friends, and welcome to Week One of our six week Kindness Challenge.

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Tarot Card Reading

 Tarot Card Reading.

I started years ago reading tarot cards and have always been amazed at the various attitudes surrounding them. I’ve seen people act as if they are the gateway to the spirit realm, wrapping them in silk and guarding them as if another person touching them would render them useless. 423 more words

There are so many ways to work with anxiety - there's more to you than your symptoms (and causes)

Maybe because of my personal experience with anxiety, it remains one of my favourite areas to work with. I love sharing a range of mind, body, heart and soul practices with clients to support you in helping yourself. 225 more words

Energy Work

I Think We’ve Misplaced Our Manual

I’ve been a fan of R. Buckminster Fuller since my bachelors degree (long, long ago). Such a great man—such a great mind. In 1968, Fuller wrote one of the first inspiring booklets on ecological awareness called: … 504 more words

zazen & a light stretch

in the morning
illumination comes / like a dewdrop
and ripples out
as might a flower blossom

the sitting practice
when the world disappears / in an ocean… 45 more words

Willow Zef

Strange Stuff Indeed

Describing these wild energies engulfing us lately, including cosmic, terrestrial, and all this world-wide human-insanity; keeps me shaking my head looking for just the right words, until I find myself simply muttering under my breath, “….Strange stuff.” 728 more words

Finding Your Flow Final Journal

The following daily medicines are ways to radiate what we have already found and activated in the previous weeks. They are nudges. They are examples. They are suggestions in how to tap into the flow of your own Being. 1,265 more words