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When Good Things Happen to Bad People, …. Or Was It Vice-Versa?

Whoa…that’s not supposed to happen is it? Good things happening to bad people?

The largest problem that I see with the statement, let alone the actual happenstance, is with the judgment calls in both directions, and in determining who sits in the decision-making seat on any of it. 366 more words


"My Spiritual Near-Death Experience" or "That Time My Light Was Nearly Snuffed Out"

Her hand drew circle after circle after circle in the air above my sternum. Until this moment, she’d progressed fairly quickly and easily from one part of my body to the next. 804 more words

Ariel Energy Healer

Quick & Simple Tips for Calm & Peaceful Holidays

The holidays can bring immense joy and fun; they can also create s-t-r-e-s-s! Thank goodness we have many ways to help combat the stress. One way is simple meditation. 820 more words

Energy Therapy

What We Need is Courage!

Last night, I had a release in my heart chakra that I have never felt before. During my last Reiki treatment, my practitioner observed a blockage in the center of my heart chakra.   298 more words


The Path of Least Resistance

The Path to Enlightenment is an eternal journey

The path of least resistance exist when we no longer fight our way through life. We state all is in divine order and divine design. 168 more words