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21 Days of Fantastic: Day 17, Virtualize

When you cannot give someone a hug in person, when you wanna add extra oomph to your hug, or when you want to add a little… 279 more words


Post-Heart Attack, Reiki Decreases Anxiety

20-Minutes of Reiki: A whole lot of good

In a small 2008 study, researchers compared the effects of Reiki (light-touch energy work they call “relaxation therapy”) to those of classical music on post-acute coronary syndrome (ACS) inpatients.  505 more words

Reiki 101

Not many people know what Reiki is…here’s a brief introduction from about religion.

What is Reiki?:

Reiki comes from two Japanese words which translate to “universal life force.” This universal life force is an energy found within all things — people, animals, plants, rocks, trees… even the earth itself. 587 more words

Alternative Health Treatments

All Things Are Relevant

I wasn’t sure if I had wordpress.com or wordpress.org. Come to find out I have both. This one is a stand alone – not attached to my business site; bodiwisdom.com.   264 more words

Reinventing the Wheel

How do you design a better wheel? Is it something other than round?

Perhaps you eliminate the need for the wheel. On cars, wheels may eventually go the way of the carburetor in automotive engines—replaced by something more efficient and effective—like the air p… 305 more words


Healing Energy Cords

In the energy body, we have cords of energy extending from our our chakras, and meridians.  When we have emotional wounds, they create injured cords extending from our energy fields that can attach to others who also are emotionally wounded.   241 more words


Did You Ever Surprise Yourself?

Have you ever had a moment of amazement, when you realized you can do

more than you thought you could? Have you ever amazed yourself? 530 more words