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Sex Magick - Part II

(July 24th)  This Thursday’s installment of Pagan Pathways Workshop Series, join Soror Gimel for Sex Magick Part II . If you missed part one fear not, this is really more on the topic rather than a continuation of Part I. 11 more words


Breaking Patterns

I want to share my experiences about destructive patterns of behaviors as I have been forced to see and acknowledge these destructive patterns in my life.   446 more words


How Important is it to Make Time for Stillness?

Tapping into your intuition and following your psychic nudges begins with stillness! As we are creating sacred space in our lives it becomes more and more important to stop and listen… listen to the voice inside of your, the dialogue running through your head, and the worn-out thoughts, beliefs and ideas you are replaying. 663 more words


Recovering life force through whole body alignment

Shiatsu and craniosacral therapy are deeply nourishing and restorative body therapies that work to recover life force, our innate vitality and health.  The treatments help to resolve long-held patterns of stress that can become accumulated in the body tissue and energy system that affect our overall physical functioning and range of movement, as well as our mind, emotions and spirit. 90 more words



Good thing I’m not in charge of the world.

I’d have a really hard time assessing the changes to be made. It would be very hard NOT to judge all others by my own standards of concern and conduct. 384 more words

Beautifully Flawed

Unique – (Adjective) “Being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.”

We grow up hearing how unique we are, how we are unlike anyone else who has ever come before us. 604 more words

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