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Will your neighbors sue you for the BigWind nuisance on your property?

The story below, is what you should tell your neighboring farmers about. Why? Because in at least 1 state and now in Canada, neighbors like these are ALLOWED TO SUE for this nuisance. 532 more words

When there's just too much energy (Day 60)

In some parts of the world, at certain times of the day, there’s just too much energy – and nowhere for it to go. It’s a problem more and more energy suppliers are likely to experience. 594 more words

Geoff Maitland

Watch out for the newest BigWind visitor in Ohio, APEX

There has been a somewhat quiet consolidation of wind developments in Ohio and Indiana this year and we are just now beginning to see the bigger picture.  700 more words

25/365 Starting Over Everyday!

Do you wake up wishing that you could change your situation? Not wanting to repeat the day before but yet you do not know how? 584 more words


De Stress! De Stress!

And on the next day, I rested.

I may have mentioned somewhere that my house, or more specifically my front porch, has been under construction for the better part of the last two weeks. 645 more words

From The Inside

What is Driving Russian Expansionism?

When journalist Adi Ignatius asked Vladimir Putin what his favorite Beatles song was in late 2007, the Russian leader replied, “Yesterday.” For some commentators, this expression of nostalgia is enough to convince them that Putin is the second coming of Stalin and that the Cold War is ending more than two decades of dormancy. 1,172 more words


Code for San Francisco

The INSIDELANDS started off as an architecture project when we were given a prompt and asked to create, explore and resolve in the parameters of the urban backyard. 346 more words

Urban Backyards