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spelling it out, because I know what I look like

It’s all about driving traffic, which is like a sport with me.

When I retweet nice things people say to me before I tell them thank you, it’s not because I’m showing off. 1,041 more words


Pre-Internship Successful Lesson Plan Reflection #1

Arts Ed 9- March 26th

After working a few days with the end of an Arts ed 9 class that was almost finished their rotation, it was a breath of fresh air to start off with a new group. 219 more words

Reflection Logs

Feel Free to

                                                                      Meet.                                                                                           Communicate.

Inspire.                                                                                                                            Create.                                                         Understand.

                                              Learn.                               Teach.

                                                                                                                Write.                              Sing.                                                                                            Play.

                                                                                                                                                                                                Look.                                                     See.

                                                 Engage.                                     Converse.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Think.                                                                  Reflect.





Getting the viewers attention

5 Tips to Get the Class’s Attention

  1. Change the level and tone of your voice

    Often just changing the level and tone of your voice, lowering it or raising it, will signal to the students it’s time to pay attention.

  2. 191 more words

How to Engage our audience.

Here’s a list that I put together based on phycologists and teachers I researched to make sure we wrote an engaging script.  

Student Blog Round Up!

As part of Unit X students are required to write their own reflective blogs. This Student Blog Round Up gathers together some of the highlights from the first four weeks of Unit X blogs… 566 more words