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Sacramento Search Engine Optimization - SearcherMagnet

The most important aspect of any internet marketing campaign is going to be the organic results. Customer trends show an increased level of trust for organic results over promoted results. 100 more words

Brand New 250 page 2014 Manual- Done


I went to the print shop yesterday and picked up boxes of our new manual. This is a very large, entirely new Corvair Conversion manual I have been working on for 18 months. 228 more words


A quick update

When we took the boat out on the inaugural run there were a couple of issues. One of the most concerning was a horrible noise that occurred when the engine was at idle and in gear. 198 more words

Day one of working on the old bus. One shoulder bump into the bonnet (OK, hood if you’re American) stay and the bonnet hit me on the head. 25 more words


International Engine of the Year Awards Turning into a Fiasco?

International Engine of the Year Awards Turning into a Fiasco?
Ladies and gentlemen drivers, please sit down and take notes. In an unprecedented move, a group of carmakers from Europe and Asia have reinvented a few of their engines overnight. 74 more words

don't ever use Auto Works! *vent post*

I’m sure you remember my car woes last year when my head gasket blew and I got slapped with an eighteen thousand rand bill to pay off (which I am still paying off) but get this, the company – AUTO WORKS – should have told me then already that my engine is corroded and that I need a new one but instead of telling me this they “fixed it” and then handed me the bill. 123 more words

Doesn't Really Belong Anywhere...