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The MLU SU – Su-27SM – part 3

And here we are – the paint is on and the thing looks like the real deal now. Well not really yet, as engines area is still masked, some parts are still not installed and of course, it hasn’t been weathered yet. 20 more words

Scale Model

How Google Crawls and Indexes the Web

Have you ever wondered how Google works? How Google crawls and indexes the Web? Why do some pages rank higher than others? What is the magical combination of keywords and quality content to make your website appear on the first page of search engine results? 906 more words


New CB150R akan muncul dalam waktu dekat ?

Halo teman-teman, pagi ini AP tiba-tiba dapat kabar burung yang seketika itu juga membuat AP mikir keras bahkan sang pembisik ini pun tidak mau memberikan apa saja yang diubah. 218 more words


First fire up

Due to some conflicting, or even completely missing information about timing the distributor drive spindle I realise it is installed a tooth out. So after a lot of mucking around with modifying the distributor’s mount plate, backfires, jets of fuel spurting from plug holes et al, it fires up and rumbles, just like that.


Nuts and bolts

I can’t believe the amount of time I spend tracking down the correct nuts and bolts for this project.

Did install the correct pulley, water pump, and rear cab mounts. 10 more words


Yellow *Be Aware* Weather warning issued for London tonight and early tomorrow - Here are our tips

A yellow *Be Aware* Weather warning has been issued for London by the Met Office, overnight and into the early hours of tomorrow morning. Don’t get caught out in the bad weather, check out our tips… 240 more words

More Cryengine practice

The class I am taking is worth it simply for the ability to get a model in engine.  Can’t believe how much it changes your perspective once you know how to work with your model in engine.   50 more words

3d Model