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Lookbook: Engineered Garments SS15

Japanese born American fashion designer Daiki Suzuki offers the menswear world with yet another superb collection. The collection exhibits the perfect materialization of the vintage-inspired aesthetic from… 144 more words


Buggies, buggies, buggies

Buggies, buggies, buggies, Emily’s playing up, Harry put that down, the buggy won’t fit in the boot, buggies, buggies, fucking buggies. Sometimes, Peckham’s nu-fam-fam vibe gets a bit much. 378 more words


A bit naaaaughty

There’s a lot of stuff you’d think people should know, but they don’t. Women for instance, have no idea just how many abominable bastards don’t wash their hands after passing liquid. 477 more words


Mark Smith

To coincide with our competition with Proper, we asked Mark to give his top three, but he’s gone and been awkward and done four.

I was asked to do this top three jackets weeks ago now, but I’ve genuinely been unable to choose three jackets that stand out above the others. 494 more words

My Top Three

Limpets, seaweed and crumpled pages from old jazz mags

For a brah like me, the whole world is a beach. In many respects, the last place a beach is, is an actual beach. I don’t need sand, waves, crabs and Cornettos. 389 more words


The hot girl’s sarcastic best mate

I’m feeling plain T-shirts right now. Not in a tactile sense, I mean, I’ve felt them, they’re just sort of cottony. I’m on about something more profound. 263 more words


Spotting Deacon Claybourne by the salad bar

You know you’re in a shit hotel when the lifts have adverts in them. I was in Nottingham the other day, staying in just such a place. 287 more words