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Autumnal Outerwear - Our Guide to 10 Lightweight Jackets

October can be a tricky month for making the correct wardrobe choices, yes it’s strictly Autumn but there’s still a good chance of a freak balmy day. 645 more words


More weave than the average bro can engage

It’s getting glacial out there people. And no doubt you’ll be giving Uniqlo and Muji some play for warmer basics. Nuttin’ wrong there, a simple, woollen navy crew is a smart (and cost effective) foundation for Our Legacy blazering, or a Blue Blue Japan chore. 586 more words

Engineered Garments

The relative merits of the Jacob's Club collection

In order from rubbishest to bestest in the Jacob’s Club collection, my boo would choose Fruit, Mint and then Orange. Thing is, she’s never even tried Honeycomb. 264 more words


Doctor Jim-Jams

I’ve always been fascinated by under-powered superheroes. Black Panther, as far as I can see, is a sort of gymnast. Daredevil’s got his super-sense, but other than that he’s a regular dude. 315 more words

Engineered Garments

Relieved of your irritating wealth

What is with these hats? You’ve probably been wondering? What do you mean you haven’t? These hats. Big floppy felt hats. You know, they’re everywhere. I mean, not actually on normal people. 434 more words


Engineered Garments - Hooded Long Bush Shirt

Hello Engineered Garments my old friend, what exquisite pocket-laden treats do you have for me this week?

What? Really? A shirt with a hood that twins as a jacket … sounds magic, but you promised me weeks ago you would refrain from flaunting your unrivalled attention to detail and innovative stitching. 167 more words


Engineered Garments

A couple of pieces from the new Engineered Garments collection. The jacket and layering in the first photo are great. That jacket rocks my boat, both the pattern and colour. 22 more words