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Malaysia Airlines #MH17 – clues to the plane's final moments – an annotated infographic

Aviation and defence experts say that chemical residue on wreckage could confirm the type of weapon that brought down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

The location of debris could yield information on how the attack unfolded and evidence of shrapnel in aircraft panels could confirm that the plane was hit by a SA-11 Buk missile. 65 more words


@UN World Urbanization Prospects report - half the world lives in urban areas - an annotated infographic

According to figures featured in the UN’s World Urbanization Prospects report, more than half of the global population currently lives in urban areas. That proportion is projected to reach two-thirds by 2050. 45 more words


Malaysia Airlines #MH17 - facts, rumours, accusations and threats - FOUR annotated infographics

With investigations in to precisely what happened and who was responsible for the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 moving considerably faster than the investigations in to precisely what happened and who was responsible for the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, here we offer four infographics. 108 more words


#FormulaE Championship 2014-2015 - race season details - two annotated infographics

Later this year, ten cities around the world will play host to an experiment to use racing to push electric vehicle design as Formula E takes to the streets. 125 more words


E&T magazine - engineering and technology goes outdoors in our wild issue - available online now

The new issue of E&T magazine is available online now: this time, it’s the wild issue. Grrr.

It’s our summer special, which comes with a sense of adventure and a taste for the big outdoors and wild animals. 210 more words


#CostaConcordia cruise ship wreck refloated for scrap - an annotated infographic

Italian engineers have started an operation to refloat the Costa Concordia in preparations for the wreck to be towed away for scrap.

The once luxurious 290-metre long cruise ship, now covered with rust, has been raised approximately two metres from the platform on which it has been resting since it was first lifted from the seabed about a year ago. 103 more words


E&T news weekly #10 – we choose our favourite news stories from the week

Friday July 11 2014
  Faster Wi-Fi for UK commuter trains

Nowadays, every commuter expects freely available and faster Wi-Fi on their travels, well thanks to Network Rail failing to meet punctuality targets; part of its multimillion-pound penalty will go towards installing faster Wi-Fi speeds on trains. 700 more words