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China to deploy nuclear missiles on submarines - an annotated infographic

One can always rely on the Chinese for coming up with new and alarming ways to further elevate the global nuclear threat.

Their latest wheeze is to deploy nuclear missiles on its submarines. 71 more words


#Sewol ferry capsizes - hundreds of passengers still missing - two annotated infographics

Almost 300 people remain unaccounted for after a ferry with 476 passengers on board capsized and sank off South Korea’s southwest coast yesterday.

Most of the passengers were school students. 83 more words


Malaysia Airlines flight #MH370 – submarine pursues ping signals – an annotated infographic

An Australian ship searching for missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner flight MH370 has picked up two signals consistent with the pings from aircraft black box recorders, in the most promising lead yet in the month-long hunt. 47 more words


Malaysia Airlines flight #MH370 – unmanned sub on the hunt for black boxes – an annotated infographic

The unmanned Bluefin-21 submarine deployed to search for wreckage of the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner on the sea floor, after acoustic signals consistent with an aircraft black box narrowed down the likely search area last week, has been forced to resurface. 132 more words


Japanese families return to #Fukushima - Japan still reliant on imported fuel - two annotated infographics

For the first time since Japan’s nuclear disaster three years ago, authorities are allowing residents to return to live in their homes within part of the 20km no-go zone around the Fukushima plant. 93 more words


25 years ago this month: In-car radio data systems arrive

In April 1989, the idea that a driver could “listen to Radio 2 all the way from Newcastle to Newquay” without having to retune their car radio several times was still something of a novelty. 34 more words


#Ukraine gas supply gets expensive, as Russia raises prices across Europe - an annotated infographic

Given the ongoing unrest in the Ukraine, the announcement by Russia’s energy giant Gazprom that it will be increasing the price of gas delivered to Ukraine by 40 per cent will do little to pour oil on the troubled waters. 120 more words