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#Apple stock price hits $100+ all-time high as #iPhone6 fever froths up - an annotated infographic

As the world readies itself for the official seismic news of – gasp! – another iPhone to drop, Apple is already reaping the stock market benefit of the heady, … 111 more words


#Wearable airbags are a thing now - an annotated infographic

Yeps, as loopy as it sounds, wearable airbags could be the next big thing for unstable elderly people prone to falling over a lot.

An estimated one in three elderly people fall over each year and many do not recover. 87 more words


#Ebola vaccine hunt - scientists race to test and find a cure - an annotated infographic

The world’s worst outbreak of the Ebola virus – which has killed more than 1,000 people in West Africa so far this year – is fuelling efforts to speed vaccine and drug development. 55 more words


#Google announces Project Ara, the really smart smartphone - an annotated infographic

Project Ara is a modular cell phone that can be customised by swapping out individual pieces, such as the battery or camera.

The intention is that instead of buying a new smartphone, users can simply upgrade out-of-date elements or replace malfunctioning components. 78 more words


China plans railway to India through Tibet - an annotated infographic

China plans to extend its railway line to Tibet to the borders of India, Nepal and Bhutan once an extension to Shigatse, Tibet’s second city and a key site in Tibetan Buddhism, opens in August. 37 more words


E&T news weekly #12 – we choose our favourite news stories from the week

Friday August 8 2014
Tobacco for biofuel instead of cigarettes

Known for being a cigarette ingredient, tobacco is now being considered as an aviation biofuel, manufactured from a nicotine-free tobacco plant, Solaris. 717 more words


Did you get my message? How to send texts from anywhere in the world - an annotated infographic

A new gadget called the goTenna allows network-free texting from virtually any corner of the globe.

If your mobile phone network goes down or is out of range, sending text messages is impossible. 39 more words